Before you find out about Coach Skip’s Programs, let’s set the record straight about velocity …

  • At the highest levels, pitch location, not velocity, keeps runners from reaching base.
  • EVERY Minor League Pitcher who has asked for Coach Skip’s help, asks him to help them with their pitch location.
  • Your Son’s focus on velocity means nothing unless he understands how to locate his pitches.
  • Besides, when your Son understands how to locate his pitches, he’ll automatically maximize this throwing arm speed.

If you’re like most parents  …

  • You know how athletic your Son is, yet, all too often, his true athletic ability seems to fail him.
  • You’ve tried to teach your son all the great wisdom you’ve absorbed from YouTube, online articles, magazines, or the movements you see Big League Pitchers make, yet, because none of these resources address your son’s pitch location, your son’s results rarely match your expectations.
  • You’re confused and frustrated with your son’s inability to do what you want, yet still hold onto a feeling someone has the answers you’re looking for..

Coach Skip’s One-on-One Pitching Instruction is the answer to these questions and is guaranteed to turn your son’s pitching results around.

With a focus on pitch location, Coach Skip …

  • Unlocks your son’s full potential, not only in sports but also in life.
  • Use your son’s front leg lift position to address the many aspects of pitching.
  • Aims your son toward optimal performance and total well-being.
  • Whether your son is looking to become better, getting back to where he once was or working on recovering from an injury, Coach Skip’s instruction is personal.
  • Helps your son, no matter his age, become physically strong and mentally stronger.
  • Improves your son’s focus and imagery.
  • Develops confidence and motivation.
  • Teaches your son to cope with competitive stress, and deal with tough emotions.

When all is said and done, pitch location gives your son the ability to use his results as biofeedback, identify disruptive movement patterns, make effective decisions, and know what works for them.


“Unless you do something to help your son overcome the very real threat pitch location poses to his pitching, your son’s pitching dreams will forever be out of reach.” ~ Coach Skip Fast