Coach Skip travels to any Delaware Valley baseball field to teach every Pitcher on the  Team how to become one of the most feared pitching squads in their League.

Whether you realize it or not, most of the hitters your Pitchers face get themselves out, but when your Pitchers understand how to use pitch location to throw more strikes, even fewer hitters reach base.

When your Pitchers work with Coach Skip, instead of hitters getting themselves out, it’s your Pitchers who keep the hitters off the bases, and, as one good outing rolls into the next, you find your Team in a position to win more games.

As long as your field is located within the Delaware Valley, ask Coach Skip to come to your field to teach your Pitchers how to use pitch location to excel on the mound.  While there, Coach Skip will also give your Team’s coaches the tools required to maintain your pitcher’s extraordinary performances.

Your Pitching Event Includes:

  • Pre-Event Discussion (about 15 minutes before we dig into your pitchers’ motions).
  • 1 hour of learning how to use pitch location to improve pitch location, maximize velocity, and develop late-stage ball movement.
  • Post Pitching Event Discussion /Questions (about 15 minutes).
  • Noticeable and repeatable improvement is guaranteed, or you don’t pay.
  • The coordinating coach/parent is responsible for reserving a baseball field for this session.
  • To make sure coordinating Coaches/Parents support the instruction, they receive follow-up reminders of the movements and sequencing covered during their session.
  • Only $15 per player (minimum 4 players max 8 players).

To reserve a date with Coach Skip to come work with your pitchers, call/text Coach Skip right now at 856-524-3248!

Who else does Coach Skip help?  How does Coach Skip help them?