Why Do Elite Pitchers Outperform Everyone Else?

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There are two categories of Pitchers in the World.

There are …

  1. The Elite Big-League Pitcher who can expect their pitches to travel directly into their target.
  2. Everyone else.

What do Elite Pitchers do that others don’t?

Watch any elite Big-League Pitcher and you see a Pitcher who begins their hand separation at the same time they begin their stride.

Why does this happen? When your hand separation occurs at the same time you stride, you allow your lower body to produce the Big-League fastball command needed to challenge Big-League Hitters to reach base.

What does Everyone Else do?

Watch any Pitcher who begins their stride then separates their hands and you’re watching a Pitcher who can’t establish their fastball.

Why does this happen? When you stride out of your front leg lift, you naturally use your throwing arm to offset your forward weight shift. When you see your hands separating after you begin your stride, you know you’re using your throwing arm for balance, you’re forcing your throwing arm to always catch up with your body and, consequently you can’t know with any certainty where any one pitch will end up.

Become an Elite Pitcher.

We teach Pitchers how to separate their hands at the same time they stride. As a result, they can expect to deliver their pitches directly into their target and, consequently, keep their Team close enough to win each game they pitch.

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