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It’s physically impossible to stop a Pitcher’s self-corrections, but it is possible to manage them. #elitebychoicePro Pitching Institute is one of the top 100 baseball blogs on the Internet.


During a pitching motion, every time a Pitcher shifts his weight his body will self-correct and every self-correction will change his throwing arm path.

It’s physically impossible to stop a Pitcher’s self-corrections, but it is possible to manage them.

A Pitcher Works Hard When His Self-Corrections Manage Him

A Pitcher who works hard is trying to figure out a weight shift pattern that’ll take his throwing arm through the same path on every pitch.

On an outing by outing basis, a Pitcher eventually finds a productive arm slot, but, since there’s no way to duplicate this feeling from one outing to the next, dominant back-to-back outings become few and far between.

A Pitcher Works Smart When He Manages His Self-Corrections

A Pitcher who works smart works with someone who’s trained to make his throwing action his only self-correction. By doing this, his throwing arm comes through the same path on every pitch, and he can expect his pitches to travel directly into his target.

A Pitcher who uses his throwing action as his only self-correction turns his pitching results into a repeatable physical reaction.

With the Right Coach, a Pitcher Manages His Weight Shifts

The right self-corrections at the right time lead to pitches traveling directly into a Pitcher’s intended target. To the trained eye, a Coach uses a Pitcher’s disruptive weight shift patterns as a tool to make the Pitcher’s only self-correction his throwing action.

Our programs instantly spot disruptive throwing arm self-corrections. Instead of working hard, we give the Pitcher a simply executed and amazingly effective way to permanently change his movement patterns, and, by doing so, transition a throwing arm self-correction into a  desired, lower body-prompted, throwing action self-correction.

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