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See ways Coach Skip helped other Pitchers.

Arm Slot

“Coach skip fixed my command without talking about my arm slot. Unreal!” ~ Dick B., Collegiate Pitcher

Closer to Target

“Once my son changed my foot placements, I was surprised to see more pitches finish closer to his target.” ~ Tyler P., Pitching Dad

Comfort results

“I can’t believe it. Coach Skip taught me one position, one movement, and the ball goes right into my catcher’s glove.” ~ Manny F., High School Pitcher

Command forever

“I was pleasantly surprised how the simple front leg lift position Coach Skip taught me produced the command I need to move forward.” – Lenny P., Minor League Prospect

COMMAND realized

“I no longer think about my mechanics. I just simply take a step and watch my pitches travel into my target.” ~ Sam D., a High School Pitching Prospect

Confidence obtained

“Skip gave my Son a simple motion that dramatically improved accuracy, confidence, and velocity.” ~ Jack Q., a Middle School Pitching Dad

EASE of motion

“My Son was thrilled to learn how easy you made it to command his pitches. He can’t wait for his next session.” ~ Nolan D., High School Pitching Prospect

easily Understood

“Coach Skip taught my Pitchers in a way they can understand, and quickly apply.” ~ Chuck J., Rec. League Pitching Coach

Exceptional Front Leg Lift

“If you don’t think your front leg lift can make a difference, you’re wrong and this program proves it.” ~ Justin F., High School Pitcher

exceptional Proficiency

“It’s no longer how do I command the ball? I follow what Coach Skip recommends and command my pitches.” ~ Paul D., Collegiate Pitching Prospect

extraordinary Results

“After working with Skip, I’m proud to say I was named All-League 1st team in the Beach Collegiate Baseball League in Myrtle, SC.” ~ Dan S., JUCO Pitcher

extreme Drive

“Coach Skip shows the energy, passion, and knowledge for coaching kids at all skill levels.” ~ Bob H., Minor League Pitcher

First adjustments

“Coach Skip took one look at my motion, told me where to focus, and my pitches immediately went back to my target.” ~ Felix C., Collegiate Pitching Prospect

great Stuff

“Coach Skip proved to me that, for years, my Coaches had me focused on the wrong stuff!” – Rocco T., Professional Prospect

highly dominant

“Coach Skip taught me how to use my body to dominate the Hitters I face.” ~ Michael F., High School Pitcher

inconsequential Distance

“It’s amazing how you can fix my motion from thousands of miles away.” – Aaron B., Pro Prospect

Lower Body

“After one session, I was using my lower body a lot more and my fastball command was much better.” ~ Dave C., Collegiate Prospect

MLB Exposure

“Your pitching knowledge and practical approach to analyzing a pitcher’s movements will have a positive and immediate impact on pitchers of all ages.” ~ Les W, an MLB Pitcher

My Coach

“When my Coach talks about my release point or stride, I now know he’s hurting my performance.” – Ken M., High School Pitcher

never alone

“I feel like Coach Skip is standing next to me.” ~ Allen M., High School Pitcher

One of the Best

“I truly believe Skip has turned our Team’s pitchers into one of the premier pitching squads in the area.” ~ Derek P., Volunteer Pitching Coach

Other Coaches

“In my first session, Coach Skip taught me how to do what 100’s Coaches have always said I should be doing.” ~ Henry O., D2 Pitcher

routine results

“Since coming to Skip, my son is routinely pitching with confidence and big-time results.” ~ Sid B., Pitching Dad


“If your son is serious about pitching, I would send him to no one else but Skip.” ~ Garrett K., D2 Pitcher

Simple motion

“I can’t believe how simple Coach Skip made it to throw strikes.” ~ Dominic K., Collegiate Pitching Prospect

Stop Searching

“Coach Skip has given me the competitive edge I’ve spent years searching for.” ~ Tommy C., D1 Pitcher


”With the front leg lift position Coach Skip presented, I open my front shoulder and the ball goes where I want.” ~ Tom S., High School Pitching Prospect

Unbelievable results

“I follow Coach Skip’s advice and see more of my pitches end up where I want. It’s unbelievable! – Darren C., Collegiate Pitching Prospect

Unlimited performance

“I’ve watched my eight-year-old boy’s pitching skills develop far beyond the initial expectations I originally hoped for.” ~ Oliver L., Pitching Dad

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