The difference between a Coach and a Partner
When a Coach fails you, you suffer, and your Coach moves on.
When your Partner fails you, there are consequences for both sides.

a reliable partnership = your Million$ Pitching Dreams

If you’re like most Pitchers, you dream of earning a Million$ Big League pitching contract, but you realize, to achieve your dreams, you must overcome lots of obstacles.

When you work with a Coach where you’d be the first Pitcher from his program to get promoted to the Bigs, besides seeing your dreams and money rapidly disappear, you’re going to waste a huge chunk of your already too short pitching career.

On the other hand, Coach Skip has helped many Pitchers receive Big-League promotions. Therefore, when you partner with Coach Skip, the chances your Million$ dreams come true improves exponentially and, in the unlikely event Coach Skip can’t resolve your issues, his Performance Protection Guarantee is there to shield you.

If your current Coach ends any pitching session without permanently eliminating the things you know you must improve, then tomorrow is too late to begin your Million$ Pitching Partnership with Coach Skip!

Million$ Partnerships Produce Million$ Dreams

With Coach Skip as your Million$ Pitching Partner, Skip will remove every current and future pitching issue standing in the way of your Million$ dreams or you won’t pay for Coach Skip’s time.

Unlike any Pitching Coach anywhere, as your Million$ Partner, Coach Skip uses these tools to hold himself accountable for maximizing your Million$ pitching potential.

  • Collaboration – Whether it’s video chats or in-person pitching sessions, our partnership builds in real time.
  • Responsiveness – Our personal collaborations seamlessly remove the obstacles standing between you and your Million$ pitching performances.
  • Sophistication – The recommendations Coach Skip makes are ridiculously simple, easily executed, and very much Million$ Pitcher-like.
  • Visualization – The way Coach Skip sees your body move during your video chats and in-person sessions becomes the basis for his Million$ recommendations.
  • Personalization – To make your results more Million$-like, Coach Skip is always interested in how you think about your pitching.
  • Forward Thinking – No matter your age or skill level, Coach Skip prepares you today to face Million$ Hitters in the future.
  • Structure – Your motion, your development, your journey to Million$ know-how all follow a proven, field-tested process.

As every Million$ Partnership with Coach Skip develops, you can expect, you will see, and Coach Skip guarantees your current throwing action will bring you closer and closer to your Million$ pitching dreams.

You can be Coach Skip’s next Million$ success story.