you can’t neglect your starting position.

Your starting position starts a Chain Reaction

  • All the different mechanics work together in a chain reaction.
  • Every part of your body contributes to this chain reaction.

A chain reaction of good and bad pitching mechanics highlights the importance of a strong starting position.

Consequences of Poor Starting Position

  • A faulty starting position throws off the entire chain reaction.
  • You tip over a domino before the chain reaction begins.

When your balance is off in the starting position, you skip the proper mechanics for the front leg lift and separation and go straight to the foot strike and throwing arm-only motion.


Importance of Starting Position

  • A good starting position is the first domino in the chain and sets the stage for the rest of the pitching motion.

When your Starting Position is balanced and strong, it promotes a proper front leg lift and a smooth separation phase, ultimately leading to excellent accuracy and velocity. A strong Starting Position is crucial for a smooth, powerful, and efficient throwing motion.

Stop Searching for Your Ideal Motion

Your Body and Proprioception (the drive to keep your body balanced) are the two constants in your pitching motion.

Times when your body stays in balance are your Starting Position, Front Leg lift, Separation, Foot Strike, and Delivery.

Your Starting Position involves …
  • A perfect distance between your Feet,
  • An excellent Back Leg structure,
  • A Fine-tuned Glove position, and
  • An extraordinary Front Leg position.
Your Front Leg lift involves …
  • An ideal  Front Foot/Back Toe position,
  • A perfect Front Knee function, and
  • A flawless Front Toe Direction.
Your Separation involves …
  • Your Glove Hand position in front of your Front Knee,
  • Your Throwing Hand position with your Index Finger/Thumb position properly, and
  •  Your Throwing Hand/Glove Hand lined up with your Target.
Your Foot Strike and Delivery involves …
  • A Glove Movement to prompt your Lower Body involvement and
  • A Throwing Hand action.

The result hits your target with uncanny regularity, maximum velocity, and limited risk of injury.

Every Coach covers your Throwing Action, but only Coach Skip Fast covers a perfect Throwing Action.

  • You can’t start your motion without your front knee ending up behind your front hip.
  • You can’t throw the ball without your throwing hand going behind your body.
  • You can’t pitch the ball without your front foot landing before you throw.
  • You can’t throw the ball without your glove arm ending up under your armpit.

Here’s an example of how what is done works.

Imagine your throwing motion as a seesaw.

  • Lower Body: Your legs act as the base of the seesaw. Your legs coil and push off the ground, transferring energy upwards.
  • Core: Your core acts as the fulcrum of the seesaw, transferring the energy from your legs to your upper body with stability and control.
  • Throwing Arm: Your upper body and throwing arm act as the throwing arm of the seesaw.
  • The Throwing Action: As your core engages, your upper body whips around, similar to the release of the seesaw, propelling the ball with force.

Benefits of the Analogy:

  • This analogy emphasizes the transfer of energy from the lower body through the core to the throwing arm.

When your starting position begins each pitch, your focus stays on velocity, accuracy, and injury prevention!

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