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Pitch location is simple ...
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I Turn Pitch Location From a “Hope” Into an “Expectation”

You see your target, you go through your motion, you release the ball and you “hope” the ball travels directly into your target.

Truth be told, as far as pitch location is concerned, “hope” doesn’t work. To compensate, you’re forever searching for a way to turn your “hope” into the “expectation” that your ball will travel into your intended target.

You can continue to aimlessly search for pitch location or you can use a “Winning Pitch Location Master Strategy©” Program to turn your “hope” for pitch location into an “expectation”. 

ONLY Pitch Location Keeps Your Career Moving Forward

When you can expect your ball to travel directly into their target, as long as your Catcher places his target in an unhittable spot, you hit your spot and, by doing so, you know you’ve reduced the likelihood your Opponent will drive the ball.

Pitch location is the ONLY element proven to attract influential scouts, force Organizations to test the upper level of your skill set and, once you get your MLB opportunity, keep you in the Majors.

As an example, last winter, a first round draft pick asked me to help him with this pitch location. He did so after registering an 8.22 ERA over 7.2 innings during his first-ever MLB callup. The “Winning Pitch Location Master Strategies©” I introduced got him to the point where, in 2019, he started 22 MLB games and posted a 5.08 ERA over 117 innings.

No matter your age or skill level, you need a “Winning Pitch Location Master Strategy©” Program to keep your pitching career moving in the right direction.

You need one of my pitch location programs to succeed.

The way people remember your pitching is a reflection of the decisions you make today! 
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There’s No Such Thing as “On-the-Job” Pitch Location Training. 

You won’t find the next level pitch location you need by pitching at the next level. 

In fact, it’s just the opposite.

Competitive pitch location is a prerequisite for next level participation, but next level participation doesn’t lead to better pitch location. 

My “Winning Pitch Location Master Strategies©” Programs give you the pitch location you need to continually and consistently earn next level opportunities.

Stop Missing Next Level Opportunities.

If, every time you throw, a larger portion of your pitches aren’t traveling into your intended target, your Coach is wasting your time!

No matter how much time you have invested with this Coach, it just doesn’t make sense letting his inability to teach pitch location hold back your pitching career!

More to the point, let your Coach stall your pitching career and you risk missing next level opportunities that could have been yours.

Without your current Coach or your current Team knowing, our “Winning Pitch Location Master Strategies©” Long-Distance Programs give you every chance to capitalize on every next level opportunity that crosses your path.

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