There WILL come a day when …

  • You WILL no longer dominate the Competition.
  • Every Hitter WILL be trained to make you pay dearly for your mistakes.
  • Your inability to hit your target against more patient Opponents WILL cost you your roster spot.

… but, when your lower body engagement adds location, late stage ball movement and a seamless change of speed to your skill set, this day will never come.

We Save Pitching Careers

We offer the only programs in all of baseball guaranteed to get your lower body to drive your pitching results.

While others talk about and try to get your lower body engaged, what we teach guarantees you can expect …

  • More of your pitches will travel directly into your desired target,
  • You’ll produce close to unhittable late stage ball movement and
  • When an off-speed pitch is called, your fastball arm speed will keep your Opponent guessing.

The skill set we provide leapfrogs you past every Pitcher competing for the same roster spots as you!

In All of Baseball, Only We GUARANTEE Lower Body-Driven Results

Others Teach Garbage In, Garbage Out

Over the past 25 years, the first pitching motion we see from nearly every Pitcher, whether the motion is in a video or in-person, shows the Pitcher coming out of a front leg lift where …

  • Their stride begins before their hands separate.

When your Instructor lets you begin your stride before your hands separate, your body uses your throwing arm path to balance your stride. Meaning …

  • You can’t know where any one pitch will end up,
  • Your predictable ball path makes it easier for your Opponent to drive your pitches and,
  • When changing speeds, your slower throwing arm speed signals your Opponent to stay back.

We Teach Quality In, Lower Body-Drive Results Out

On the other hand, it’s impossible to overlook the fact that the most dominant MLB Pitchers come out of their front leg lift using their lower body to drive their throwing arm into release when they…

  • Separate their hands at the same instant they begin their stride.

We’re trained to use your pitching motion, whether a video or in-person, to teach the simultaneous separation/stride movements that’ll get your lower body to drive your results. Once we teach you how to stride and separate at the same time, you can rely on your body to keep your throwing arm free to respond to your lower body activity. Which means …

  • You expect each pitch to end up where you want,
  • You seamlessly change speeds and
  • You produce the late stage ball movement proven to challenge the absolute best hitters to make solid contact with any pitch you throw.

We Know How to Produce Pitching Success

As just one example, a first-round MLB draft pick asked us to help him with his pitch location.

He did so after registering an 8.22 ERA over 7.2 innings during his first-ever MLB call up. Our focus on getting him to separate his hands at the same time he began his stride got him to the point where, in his next call up, he started 22 MLB games and posted a 5.08 ERA over 117 innings.

Unlock Your Hidden Potential

Experience for yourself how, just by cleaning up your separation/stride sequence, our pitching programs turn you into the Pitcher you always dreamed you’d be.