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Are you letting gravity corrupt your results?







Gravity is the elephant in the room! 

The reason so many pitches miss your target boils down to one thing … you allow gravity to use your throwing arm to balance your stride.

Why, when you mismanage gravity,do you never know where each pitch is going to end up?

  1. It starts with your initial foot placements forcing gravity to end your front leg lift with your head over your back foot.
  2. Once your finish your front leg lift, to move down the mound, you must stride.
  3. As soon as you stride, gravity uses your throwing arm to balance your front leg activity.
  4. Until you end your stride and gravity brings your weight back into balance, gravity determines your throwing arm path.

With gravity controlling your throwing arm path, you can’t know with any certainty where gravity will cause any one pitch to end up.

Why, when properly managed, gravity allows you to command each pitch?

The Pro Pitching Institute Gravity Management Starter Kit begins the process that’ll force gravity to end your front leg lift with your weight balanced between your knees.

With your weight balanced between your knees, your initial movement into your throwing action creates the imbalance that forces gravity to use your throwing arm path to get you back in balance. Consequently, you’re able to think about throwing the ball through webbing of your Catcher’s mitt without concern for where your ball will end up.

Your stellar location becomes a by-product of gravity taking your throwing hand through a very sustainable and extremely productive release window.

You can't afford to go another day without knowing how to manage gravity!

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How your foot placements improve performances. 

Baseball Game

Your Starting Position
Your foot placements get gravity to end your starting position in an unproductive position (with your weight over your back foot) or in a productive position (with your weight centered between your knees).

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See Your Target, Hit Your Target!

Your Movement Down the Mound

Your starting position determines whether gravity unproductively uses your throwing arm to balance your stride or productively keeps your throwing arm free to respond to your lower body.
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Pitcher vs. Hitter

Your Results

Your movement down the mound forces you to never really know where any one pitch ends up or to know each pitch has a great chance to travel directly into your Catcher’s target..

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Pitching success depends upon your foot placements!!
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Goal - By limiting your front to back movement, these 3 skills, when properly applied, discourages gravity from using your throwing arm to balance your stride and increase the likelihood, to get back in balance, gravity whips your throwing arm through a more consistent, easily repeated and very productive release window.
Result - By simply following these 3 Starter Kit recommendations, you can expect to use less effort to see your worse misses finish closer to your target than ever.

1.  Back Foot

  • What you want. Make sure your back-foot landing area is level. When you see a tilted landing area, use the loose dirt you find around the mound to fill in any holes.
  • What you don’t want.  You don’t want to begin with a tilted back-foot.
  • How do you measure this? When you start out, your back foot is level.
  • How do you make this sustainable? You make your back-foot orientation the first step in your mound routine.

2.  Foot Placements

  • What you want. You want to position your front foot one baseball width from your back foot.
  • What you don’t want. You don’t want to begin with your feet wider than your hips.
  • How do you measure this? You see your front foot is one baseball width from your back-foot.
  • How do you make this sustainable? Your foot placements become easier when your back-foot plant area is level but be aware that at this stage of your delivery it’s every simple to place your feet one baseball width apart and still begin with a back-foot tilt.

3.  Back-Knee Placements

  • What you want. You want to first flex your knees over your toes and then move your back-knee over the little toes of your back-foot.
  • What you don’t want. You don’t want to begin with your back-knee over or in front of your back-foot.
  • How do you measure this? When looking at your legs from the front, you see your front knee over your front toes and your back-knee over the little toes of your back-foot.
  • How do you make this sustainable? Your back-knee positioning becomes sustainable when your back-foot plant area is level and your feet are one baseball width apart.

When you enroll in the Pro Pitching Institute, what do you get?

  1. You learn to combine a gravity-compliant front leg lift with an unbelievably effective breathing technique.
  2. Your gravity-compliant front leg lift becomes the foundation for a totally spontaneous and extremely sustainable throwing action.
  3. Your natural throwing action delivers every pitch into your Catcher’s mitt.
  4. Your new-found command challenges every hitter on every pitch.
  5. Your exemplary results fulfill your pitching dreams beyond your wildest expectations.

The Pro Pitching Institute is your no risk, high reward pitching alternative.

Our field-tested pitching process comes with a “Performance Protection Plan”. With our “Performance Protection Plan”, If within your first 14-days in the program, you feel we fail to produce the incremental improvement you expect, you simply cancel your subscription!

With the Pro Pitching Institute, giving up on your pitching dreams is not an option! 

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