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Pitchers: You can't afford to not be prepared for your pitching “moment”?

You have a single “moment” to impress a recruiter, Coach or influential baseball person. 

 Considering your “moment” could change the course of your entire life, yet you never know when a “moment” is taking place, your “moment” is much too important to mess up.

 What are you doing right now to prepare yourself for this “moment”?

Are you ready now?

If not, how many "moments" are you willing to waste?

Your pitching “moment” is someone's snap decision.

You make snap decisions all the time.  You look at something and, without knowing why, you know when the action looks like a seamless, well-organized and functional event.

In pitching, an attention-getting snap decision happens when your throwing arm reacts to your lower body rotation.  When people see your lower body driving your throwing action, without knowing "why", they know they just witnessed a very special pitching motion.

The on-lookers' perception of what 'good' looks like means your pitching “moment” and ending your motion with your throwing arm reacting to your movements very much interchangeable.  

Getting your throwing arm to react to your lower body movements is very simple.  It merely requires is seeing how your body keeps itself stable, recognizing patterns threatening to your “moment” and giving you simply-executed ways to make these patterns more efficient.

Before today’s copycat society makes our success formula mainstream and before you have to compete with lots of other well-prepared pitchers for your "moment", ask us to use our powerful format to prepare you for your “moment”.

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We create “moments”.
Everything we present is guaranteed better prepare you for your “moment”.

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Your best “moments”.
We help you think about 4 easily repeated movements that produce the best “moments”.

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Snap decisions welcomed.
When you perform your skills in right order, people are likely to fight for your services.

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Your best pitching “moments” are born out of live interactions.

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How to grab your pitching “moment”?

“Moments” are driven by human nature. 

Just the way you make a snap decision about what you need to work on, others see your motion, make a snap decision about your skills and, without knowing why, immediately conclude whether you’re a step above the rest or not.

When your superior skills bait a person into watching a second delivery, you have a “moment”. 

With the preparation  our live instruction supplies, your next motion instantly reinforces the person’s snap decision. 

By nature, people are doubters.  It’s at this point the person analyzes more motions for flaws, but, because you know how to get your throwing arm always responds to your lower body activity, the person can’t find flaws.

These are your best “moments”. You’ve got their attention!

Find More Insights in Our Blog


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every pitch within your Catcher’s body?
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