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Stop "fighting" your body or forever suffer the consequences!

Get smarter! … Expect what you’re about to read to challenge the way you perceive a pitching motion. Should you feel uncomfortable hearing facts that contradict what you’ve always believed to be true, you have a decision to make … (1) continue hoping and praying the paint-by-number solutions you use produce a breakthrough or (2) walk away with facts that’ll instantly increase the odds you become the Pitcher you always dreamed you'd  be! ~ Skip Fast, Pro Pitching Institute CEO 

Control your “fight or flight” response or forever wonder where you went wrong!

(How we manage your “fight or flight” prompts separate us from everyone else you desperately want to believe is helping you fix what ails your motion.)

What is your “fight or flight” response?

Every time your subconscious perceives an imbalance, your “fight or flight” response produces a physiological reaction. Within your pitching motion, these are the 4 elements factoring into your body’s “fight or flight” response.

  1. Your “resting” state – Your body is at rest when your body is in balance.
  2. Your conscious mind – As long as your body is at “rest”, you can move your limbs in any way and direction you want.
  3. Your subconscious mind - Your movements instantly demand your subconscious respond your new state of balance. Until your body is back in balance, your subconscious mind takes complete control of your body’s movements.
  4. Your “biomarkers” (“biological” + “markers”)We saved the most important for last! Your “biomarkers” signify your physiological response to your movements. Since your subconscious mind processes your balance status 50,000 times faster than you can think, your “biomarkers” give very accurate and extremely valuable insights into your movements as well as supplying the information required to stop you from “fighting” your body's natural urges.

We take “fight or flight” to a whole new level.

By accurately reading your “biomarkers” and knowing how to completely control your subconscious reactions, we teach you how to "fly" through your motion.

When you stop "fighting" your body ...

  • You channel all your energy into and out of your throwing hand.
  • You see your target area instantly shrink.
  • You use less effort to produce markedly better results.
  • You always keep your Team close enough to win.

When you stop “fighting” your body, you become extremely competitive at your current level and beyond. 

Get more insights into your pitching!

Expect every pitch to travel directly into your Catcher's target.

It’s your motion!
Every pitch supplies the “biomarkers” we need to guarantee your pitching success. Instead of you trying to make things happen, we make things happen for you!


See your target, hit your target!

Our approach makes you better?
We teach you how to command every pitch, maximize your throwing arm speed and produce the extremely late ball movement that gets you noticed.   

Instruction is a Cell Phone Call Away

Wherever you do, we’re with you!
Since your instruction is built around the your "biomarkers", we offer readily available digital tools that’ll show us the relationship between your actions and your "biomarkers".


After your first adjustment, you'll use much less effort to produce measurably better results!
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You can treat your “biomarkers” as if they were controllable actions, but don't expect your results to permanently improve.

These are your "biomarkers" and how to manage them. 

  1. Your body position at the top of your front leg lift is a physiological reaction to your initial foot placements. As such, the only way to manage your body position at the top of your front leg lift is to adjust your initial foot placements.
  2. Your arm, leg and hip movements as you move down the mound are physiological reactions to your body position at the top of your front leg lift. Accordingly, the only way to manage the movements you see as you move down the mound is to change your body position into your front leg lift. 
  3. Your results directly relate to how your subconscious uses your throwing arm path to, as you move down the mound, get your body back in balance. Consequently, your throwing arm path becomes a physiological reaction to how your body moves down the mound. 

Based upon the way your body is built, the only proven way to simply and permanently change or improve your results is to address your initial foot placements.

When improvement isn't an option.

 When you treat any "biomarker" as if it were a controllable action, you may see improvement for an outing or within a bullpen session, but, because your approach undeniably "fights” the way your body works, your targeted "biomarker" will ALWAYS reappear.?

We teach elite excellence by choice, not chance.

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Pro Pitching Institute
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