Youtube is wasting your Time …

Lots of YouTube videos have millions of hits but, as you realize or will realize, even with this guidance, your Pitchers still can’t throw strikes.

When you think about it, these videos are much like “backseat drivers” … these videos are eager to give advice without taking any responsibility for the results, and, unless you realize this is happening, these videos cause an information overload where you start overthinking everything.

News alert …

  • YouTubers don’t know your story, don’t care about you personally, and don’t care about your results, they just want hits on their YouTube video channel!
  • 80-90% of the information you hear on YouTube videos aren’t applicable to your motion, and, even if they were, how do you know which ones to use?
  • You have a choice … invest the 10,000 hours it’ll take to become a pitching expert, or you make an expert part of your development group.

YouTube May Be Free, but You Get What You Pay For!

One Easily Understood Factor Determines Every Pitching Outcome!

Understand your everyday activities and you understand what it takes to throw many more strikes!

During your daily activities …

  • You control your arm and leg movements as they move around your core, yet,
  • When your core tilts, you lose control of your arms and legs, and, just like walking a balance beam, your actions go into a state of organized chaos.

Coach Skip’s Young Pitcher Pitching Solution.

For young Pitchers to control their throwing arm path, they must understand how to get their arms and legs to do two things at the same time.

Young Pitchers must know …

  • How to keep their arms and legs moving around their core
  • While their arm and leg movements keep their core from tilting.
The way Coach Skip teaches these two “must haves” gives a young Pitcher complete control over their pitching results.

Only Coach Skip’s indispensable core management guidance gives young Pitchers a way to avoid the big inning.

Once Coach Skip teaches young Pitchers how to move around their core, just like in their everyday life, let the Pitcher control their arm slot, pitching results, and pitching future!!!

If you’re really driven to do well on the mound, you owe it to yourself to remove any arbitrary movement known to tilt your core, trigger a balance beam scenario, cause you to lose control of your throwing arm path, and, sadly, struggle to do any better than you’re doing today.

Pitchers who understand how to manage their core clear the path to their pitching dreams.

Core Management is unlike anything you’ve ever dealt with.

When young Pitchers can’t throw strikes, everyone suffers.

Whether standing next to a young Pitcher or seeing them move across a digital screen, Coach Skip can see the Pitcher’s core orientation, understands why their cores move the way they do, and, when he sees a core tilt, reaches into his toolbox to correct the situation.

In the end, with Coach Skip, young Pitchers understand “how to” get their next pitch to travel directly into their target nearly 50% of the time.

Let’s put that into perspective … with 50% of a younger Pitcher’s pitches traveling directly into their target, when they miss their target, there’s an excellent possibility the pitch is still a strike.

Partner with Coach Skip and you marvel at how simple it is to move around your core, and how easy it is to pound the strike zone!