fact: the human body stays in balance!

what you want.

Your weight to be balanced, then “STEP AND THROW”.

You put your Body goes through a remarkable precise PITCHING PROCESS …

  • Your Front Knee stays in front of your Front Hip, your Glove Arm triggers your motion, and the ball goes to your target. 
  • Your free Throwing Arm tells your Body to deliver the ball to your target, the hitter sees a fastball motion and needs to pick up on the ball’s speed and movement.

What you do (Is extremely destructive)!

Your weight begins over your Back Foot and you “Step and Then Throw”.

Your Body goes through an opposing process …

  • Your Front Knee goes behind your Front Hip, you land your Stride, and your Throwing Hand by itself rarely sends your ball goes into your target.
  • Your Body uses your Throwing Arm for balance, your Throwing Arm path takes its own life, and you can’t tell where your ball will go.

Coach Skip teaches balance.

For the last 20+years, Coach Skip has helped 100’s receive the next-level attention.

  • Pitchers become young All-Stars, make their High School Team, earn Collegiate Scholarships, and even gain Professional Attention.

If you’re like most Pitchers/Pitching Parents, you /your Son have followed all the advice you see on YouTube, online articles, magazines, or even in-person sessions with other Coaches, and the problem persists!

  • You’re out of balance and you Step and Then Throw.

You’re confused, you’re frustrated, but Coach Skip has the answers!

Visiting this page is the first step to turning your/your Son’s pitching results around.

Your next step is to get some answers.
  • Get the Pitching Process, use your entire Body to prepare for your throws, “STRIDE AND THROW”, and your pitches will go to your target with uncanny regularity!

Unlike anyone else, you/your Son hold me accountable for getting more of your pitches to travel directly to the target.

  • When you/your Son gets the program and you feel your pitch location isn’t better than when you started, ask for a refund … No questions… No hassles… and no hard feelings.

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