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At no cost to you, the Pro Pitching Institute "Building Blocks" systematically and permanently improve your pitching results.







What are the Pro Pitching Institute "Building Blocks"? 

The Pro Pitching Institute "Building Blocks" are a proprietary pitching process that supplies individual Pitchers, Dads and volunteer Coaches the pitching fundamentals needed to allow gravity to consistently whip their own or their Pitching Student’s throwing hand through the same small release window on every pitch.
The Pro Pitching Institute "Building Blocks" is the only pitching process in the World to use factors you live with every day to instantly enhance the ratio of pitches that travel directly into your Catcher’s target.  

1. Your body is an interconnected system that moves as one unit. 
- Anytime you consciously change the way you move, you change your arm slot and, as you change your arm slot, your release window changes from one pitch to the next.
2. Gravity is the driving force behind every movement you make.  
- When you move, you change the way your body perceives gravity and, once you move, you can't initiate another movement until your body gets itself back in balance. 

If you want to instantly supercharge your pitching, simply follow the Pro Pitching Institute "Building Blocks". 

Measuring the Pro Pitching Institute "Building Blocks"

There are only two types of pitch outcomes

  • a “good pitch” where your ball travels directly into your intended target and
  • a “bad pitch” where the ball misses your receiver’s target.

Since the Pro Pitching Institute "Building Blocks" remove every physical barrier standing in the way of you delivering “good pitches”, when you properly apply the Pro Pitching Institute "Building Blocks", you can expect to see many more “good pitches” than “bad”. 

The Pro Pitching Institute helps you become a better pitcher than you ever dreamed you’d be. 

Want to go beyond the Pro Pitching Institute "Building Blocks" basics? Enroll in the Institute!

The Pro Pitching Institute "Building Blocks" fine tune ... 

Baseball Game

Your Starting Position
Your foot placements end your starting position with your weight centered between your knees.

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See Your Target, Hit Your Target!

How You Move Down the Mound

By rotating down the mound, you keep your throwing arm free to respond to your lower body.
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Pitcher vs. Hitter

Your Results

You release each pitch expecting it to travel directly into your Catcher’s target.

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With the Pro Pitching Institute "Building Blocks", you can expect each pitch to travel directly into your Catcher’s target! 
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The way your body works.
Gravity uses your throwing arm to keep you in balance. 

When pitching, gravity either uses … 
- Your throwing arm to balance your movement down the mound or  
- Your throwing action to bring your body back in balance.

The "Building Blocks"

Our proprietary "Building Blocks" give individual Pitchers, Dads and volunteer Coaches the only roadmap they'll ever need to consistently get their throwing action to bring their throwing hand through the same productive release window on every pitch.

Building Block 1.  Level Back Foot

Level the spot in front of the rubber where you're about to plant your back-foot.

Building Block 2.  Foot Placements

Place your back-foot in front of rubber and your front foot one baseball width away from your back-foot.

Building Block 3. Knees 

Flex both knees. 

Building Block 4. Back-knee position 

Move your back-knee over the little toes of your back foot.

Building Block 5. Inhale


Building Block 6. Exhale and lift

Exhale and lift your front knee toward your front shoulder.

Building Block 7 – Explode

Throw the ball “through”, not “to”, your target.

The Result

  • You can expect to see more pitches to travel directly into your intended target.

Pitcher Follow-up

  • When you make these “Building Block” a part of your motion and want more of your pitches to travel directly into your intended target, enroll in the Institute.
    Once enrolled, we’ll systematically and permanently eliminate every reason your release window changes from one pitch to the next.   

Enrolled Pitchers are cover under our industry-leading "Performance Protection Plan"
Our "Building Block" refinements come with a “Performance Protection Plan”. If within your first 14-days in the program, you feel we fail to produce the incremental improvement you expect, you simply cancel your subscription!

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With the Pro Pitching Institute "Building Blocks", giving up on your pitching dreams is not an option! 

Want to surpass your wildest pitching dreams Enroll in the Institute!

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Our "Building Block" Pitching Programs

Long-Distance Refinements  with 24/7 Support
For $15 a month, we remove every reason for your release point to change from one pitch to the next. We teach you how to permanently shrink your target area to the size of your Catcher’s mitt.
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In-Person Instruction with 24/7 support
By choosing this option, for a $10 a month, you become eligible $10 outdoor ($20 indoor) semi-private pitching instruction in the Pitman, NJ area. You receive our effective digital instruction in a face-to-face setting.
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Group Instruction on Your Field with 24/7 support
For $30 a session, this option gives you 3 one-hour sessions with all the Team’s Pitchers for $30 per session. This program shows Pitchers how to achieve their pitching dreams and promises to keep your Team close enough to win every game.
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