My “Fastball pitch Location Code of Behavior©” takes you from Better to Great

The Way I See It, You’ve Got 3 Options…

#1: Do nothing.

Continue working on your location. Continue wondering why your ball doesn’t end up where you want. Continue getting frustrated every time your fastball misses your target.

Stay on this path and you’ll never know why you produce the results you do and, even worse, will never understand how to fix them!

#2: Try to figure everything out for yourself.

Grab all the pitching articles you can get your hands on and read them. Scour blog posts and watch all the YouTube videos you can. Maybe even spend thousands of dollars on in-person lessons from instructors who don’t understand what it takes to teach Big League fastball pitch location.

After all this back breaking research, and countless dollars spent, everything seems to conflict with everything else and you end up even more confused than when you started. In desperation, you still attempt to piece together all the bits and pieces of the advice you’ve gathered into what ends up being a “Frankenstein-Like Pitching Motion”.

If this approach hasn’t worked for you yet, what makes you think it’ll work for you now?

#3: Harness the power of my “Fastball pitch Location Code of Behavior©

Enroll in any one of my programs, discover simple fastball pitch location solutions, and apply the skills the next time you take the mound.

In no time, you see more fastballs travel directly into your receiver’s target than ever before, things finally make sense to you, and a smile comes to your face.

Once you realize how difficult you’ve been making things for yourself, and how simple things could have been all this time, the path to your pitching dreams becomes clear.

Eliminate the uncertainty.

Once you realize my “Fastball Pitch Location Code of Behavior©” just plain works, you realize, the next time you take the mound, how much more relaxed you are and how much more confident you feel.

Once your fastball pitch location becomes an expectation, not only will your Teammates count on you to keep your Team close enough to win, but high-level scouts will take note and you’ll become their first choice to fill their next-level roster spots.

Stop Trying and Start Locating.

There’s no need to gamble with your hard-earned money by paying for pricey in-person lessons that come with no guarantee. There’s no reason to experience the frustration associated with years of trial-and-error. There’s no reason to spin your wheels, make the same mistakes over and over again, and never see your results improve.

If you genuinely want to be great, then you need what I teach.