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Managing what your "mind's eye" sees is the ONLY path to elite pitching results.

Your "mind's eye" is programmed to respond to your movements in very specific patterns. When you use these patterns to get every pitch to end up where you want and behave the way you want, your success is guaranteed! 

This has got to concern you!


WHY? … Because you manage what you see, NOT how your "mind's eye" sees and then manages your motion.

Once you manage your "mind's eye", you enegerize your pitching motion to produce the steller results you expect!!!

The "Manage Your Mind's Eye" Challenge

The next time you’re on the field and before you begin your regular pitching routine, we challenge you to complete your starting position using the first 4 "Basic 'Mind's Eye' Management" steps that appear below, and, from there, simply clear your front shoulder and throw the ball through, not to, your Catcher's mitt. 
With little to no effort and without aiming, your pitch will end up surprisingly close to your Catcher's target and you may even realize better-than-usual velocity and ball movement.  

Basic "Mind's Eye" Management.

No matter your age or skill level, these 5 basic pitching skills uses your “mind’s eye” to get your lower body to spontaneously shrink your target area. 

Before you begin … “Level your back-foot plant area” 

Pitching Action – Until it’s level, make sure to fill in the area just in front of the pitching rubber. 
What your "Mind's Eye" sees – 
The goal for these 5-steps is to stop you from using your throwing arm for balance. Any back-foot tilt triggers your “mind’s eye” to use your throwing arm to offset your movement down the mound and, no matter how well you master the rest of these skills, you won’t get 2 pitches in row to end up in your Catcher’s target. 

1. Think to yourself … “Keep Feet Close”

Pitching Action – You begin your pitch with your feet one baseball width apart.
What your "Mind's Eye" sees -
To instantly shrink your target area, your "mind's eye" needs to know your throwing arm is free to respond to your lower body. By bringing your feet closer together, your "mind's eye" is less likely to use your throwing arm for balance and more likely to keep it free to respond to your lower body. 

2. Think to yourself … “Diamond”

Pitching Action - Flex your knees over your toes, then, without rolling on your feet, move both knees away from center. When done properly, you see your legs form a “diamond”. Should rolling on your feet be an issue, first you flex your knees, thenmove your knees from center.
What your "Mind's Eye" sees - Your “diamond” tells your "mind's eye" that your body is in balance. This makes it much less likely you’ll use your throwing arm to offset your movement as you move toward your target.  

3. Think to yourself … “Heel up and knuckles in”

a. Think to yourself … “Heel up”
Pitching Action – You lift your front heel off the ground. When done properly, your front leg still maintains its "diamond" shape.
What your "Mind's Eye" sees – The goal here is to lift your front heel off the ground without your "mind's eye" forcing you to move into your foot plant. Should, after you lift your front heel, you feel the urge to stride, revisit your "diamond". 
(More on your front leg lift ... A High Front Leg Lift Destroys Your Location)

b. Think to yourself … “and knuckles in”
Pitching Action – 
At the same time you lift your front heel, you rotate your hands until your glove side palm faces home and your throwing side palm faces second base. Your "knuckles" are facing "in".
What your "Mind's Eye" sees – 
At this point, you've successfully used your "mind's eye" to put your body in a position to deliver 2 consecutive pitches directly into your Catcher’s target. 

For the purpose of your "Mind's Eye" Challenge, 
please stop here to double-check your "heel up and knuckles in" position.

When you can pause in your "heel up" position and your body position matches the #4 checkpoints, feel free to continue. Not being able to pause or not meeting the #4 criteria means you're going to use your throwing arm for balance and will not experience the extraordinary pitching results we know you're capable of producing. When you try and fail 3 times to meet the #4 measurements, contact me to help you work though this situation. You'll be very glad you did!

5.   Think to yourself … “Clear and throw”.

Pitching Action – You "clear" your front shoulder (get your front shoulder out of the way) to then "throw" the ball so hard that you’ll break the webbing on your Catcher's glove.
What your "Mind's Eye" sees – Because the preceding four steps subtly, but effectively, manage your "mind's eye", should you still consistently struggle with any benchmark, contact me for a free consultation. I'll take a look at your tendencies, give you a simple fix and, ultimately, put you in a position where you can realistically expect each pitch to behave the way you want. 

To carry your "Mind's Eye" management process a step further, when you ask us to personalize these 5 basic skills, not only you can expect to deliver every pitch directly into your Catcher's mitt, but you can count on becoming a next-level talent evaluator magnet.

Truly elite pitching results are only a couple of adjustments away.

It’s your personal version of these 5 skills that’ll generate the most sustainably elite pitching results.

 Anytime, for no apparent reason, you miss your target outside your Catcher’s body, you can be sure something beyond your 5 skills is corrupting what you want your "mind's eye" to see.  The Pro Pitching Institute gives you a way to instantly resolve these minor snags.

Our exclusive $10/$10 subscription-based program makes fixing your disruptive tendencies a seamless process. Within a short time, our incremental adjustments eliminate your most troublesome behaviors, personalize the messages you send your "mind's eye" and, best of all, require your "mind's eye" to deliver every pitch into your Catcher's target with maximum arm speed and very late ball movement.

If you're truly driven to excellence on the pitching mound, ask us to customize these basic skills to your personal tendencies!

Do you manage your "mind's eye" or does your "mind's eye" manage you? The choice is yours!

Tell me about your $10/$10 pitching program!

Baseball Game

We use your "mind's eye" to guarantee sustainably excellent and very competitive results.


Pitchers and Catcher

Exceptional results.
By getting your "mind's eye" to engage your lower body, you'll challenge every hitter to make solid contact with every pitch.


Pitcher vs. Hitter

More pitching options.
Next level teams want their Pitchers to know how to use their "mind's eye" to keep their Team close enough to win every outing.


Until you know how to manage your "mind’s eye”, you'll forever struggle to be half the pitcher you've always dreamed of being!!!
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Your "mind's eye" works in predictable ways!

Your "mind's eye", the way your mind sees or interprets your actions, is naturally programmed to respond in preset action/reaction patterns. You succeed when you use these patterns to get every pitch to end up where you want and behave the way you expect. 

Your starting position forces your "mind's eye" to choose between 2 action/reaction patterns. 

  • When you end your front leg lift with a hip tilt, you move down the mound, use your throwing arm for balance and end up not knowing where your next pitch is going to finish.  
  • When you end your front leg lift with your hips level, you can rotate your body around your core, keep your throwing arm free to instantly respond to your lower body and know you have an excellent chance your pitch will go directly into your target with maximum arm speed and late ball movement. 

Anyone can ask you to copy someone’s motion, but a deep understanding into the way your body works is needed to effectively manage your "mind's eye". 

We teach what it takes to repeatedly produce stellar results for the rest of your pitching career. 


Tell me about your $10/$10 pitching program!


You're invited to contact me with any questions.

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