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Every Minor League Pitcher turned Pitching Coach makes it incredibly hard for you to locate your pitches.
(Why? They know how they want your motion to look without regard to how gravity impacts your command.)







Gravity is the elephant in the room! 

The reason so many pitches miss your target boils down to one thing … Your Coach allows gravity to use your throwing arm to offset your stride.  As a result, you never know with any certainty where any one pitch will end up or, worse yet, when any one pitch will drift over the plate.  

Why, when your Coach mismanages gravity, you never know where each pitch is going to end up? 
When your Coach allows you to end your front leg lift with your head over your back foot, to move down the mound, your Coach forces you to stride.

As soon as you stride, gravity uses your throwing arm to balance your front leg activity. Until you end your stride and gravity brings your weight back into balance, you give gravity the right to control your throwing arm path.

With gravity controlling your throwing arm path, you can’t know with any certainty where gravity will cause any one pitch to end up. 

How does gravity impact your command?
Final Starting Position What you do. You end your front leg lift with your weight over back foot. What we teach. You end your front leg lift with your weight centered between your knees.
Action Moving You Down the Mound What you do. Your stride takes you out of your starting position. What we teach. Your throwing action takes you out of your starting position.
Gravity's Impact as You Move Down the Mound What you do. Gravity uses your throwing arm to balance your stride. What we teach. Gravity keeps your throwing arm uninvolved with your balance.
Gravity and Your Throwing Arm What you do. Once gravity stops needing  your throwing arm for balance, your throwing action becomes a necessary afterthought.

What we teach. To get back in balance, gravity continually drives your throwing arm through the same very sustainable and extremely productive arm slot.

Result What you do. You never know with any certainty where any one pitch will end up.

What we teach. You know how to deliver each pitch directly into your target.

Why, when we teach you how to manage gravity, you command each pitch?
A combination of foot placements, back knee positioning and core activation force gravity to end your front leg lift with their weight balanced between their knees.

Starting your motion from this balanced position forces gravity to use your throwing path to get back in balance. Consequently, your results become a by-product of gravity taking your throwing hand through a very sustainable and extremely productive release window.

We show Minor League Pitchers how to overcome their last hurdle … location.

Over the winter, the Pro Pitching Institute delivered a personalized pitching plan to Tyler Beede (San Francisco Giants AAA affiliate) .  This is the result …

April 6, 2019.
"After being moved to the bullpen in 2018, Beede revamped his pitch arsenal and it paid dividends on Friday night as the former Vanderbilt star struck out eight batters in four scoreless innings. It was the most strikeouts recorded by Beede since a June 7 outing back in 2017 at Raley Field against the Fresno Grizzlies."

For a $10 a month, you too can receive a personally tailored pitching plan and all the support you need to make your plan work for you!!!

You can't afford to go another day without knowing how to command your next pitch!

Want to guarantee your dominant, fastball command? Enroll in the Institute!

Helpful Ways to Gravity-Proof Your Motion. 

Baseball Game

Your Foot Placements
You ask you to begin your motion with your feet underneath your hips.?

Find out more!

See Your Target, Hit Your Target!

Your Front Leg Lift

Your core activation forces gravity to end your front leg lift with weight centered within your knees.?
Our Guaranteed Programs

Pitcher vs. Hitter

Your Throwing Action
Your throwing action becomes a very productive, gravity-driven reflex 

Guarantee Your Future

Pitching success depends upon how your Coach manages gravity’s impact on your movements!
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Command is about how gravity impacts your throwing action

Your foot placements, back-leg orientations and core alignments determine how gravity influences your throwing action. By helping you manage how you begin your delivery, we know gravity gets your worst misses to finish remarkably close to your Catcher's target!

We Turn Gravity into an Advantage 

By weaving gravity into your pitching routine, we force it to end our Student’s delivery with a spontaneous, yet very sustainable, throwing action that’ll deliver every pitch directly into their target. 

Don’t Let This Happen to You 

When your Coach dismisses gravity’s influence on your motion, you lose complete control of your throwing arm path, struggle with your command and, sadly, put yourself in a position to give up on your pitching dreams. 

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Our Gravity-Driven Pitching Programs make your pitching dreams reality.

Want to guarantee your dominant, fastball command? Enroll in the Institute!

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