hit your catcher’s target with greater velocity on every pitch!

Instead of …

  • Your Feet being too far apart,
  • Your Back Knee over or in front of your Back Foot,
  • Your Head moving,
  • Your Front Knee being behind your Front Hip,
  • Your Shoulders tilting,
  • Your Throwing Arm offsetting your Stride,
  • Your Lower Body following your Glove Arm,
  • Plus many more things,
You have a “Pitching Process” to fix these issues, keep your motion in balance, and hit your target with uncanny regularity.

You can have command-producing, velocity-increasing Lower Body engagement.

  • Five deliberate actions teach you to easily balance your weight centered just in front of your Back Foot.
  • Your Glove Hand movement automatically produces a well-timed Stride, and
  • You naturally release your pitch to your target.

Your Lower Engagement is a spontaneous action that maximizes the separation between your Hips/Shoulders without your Front Foot hitting the ground and delivers the ball to your target with uncanny regularity.

Your next “Pitching Process” is your most crucial pitch!

  • Your motion becomes an all-encompassing, naturally balanced “Pitching Process”.
  • When you miss their target, you have a “process” to follow.
  • You go to the list, reinforce your missed skills, and find your target.
Over time, the “Pitching Process” becomes natural, extremely automatic, and involuntary.

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