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Only we teach dominant, fastball command! 







The Pro Pitching Institute is the standard by which ALL dominant - fastball command is measured.

What does dominant, fastball command look like? 

To an onlooker ... 

  1. You see multiple pitches in a row traveling directly into your Catcher’s target. 
  2. Anytime you miss your target by an unacceptable distance, your next pitch travels straight into your Catcher’s mitt.
  3. Your target area becomes the size of your Catcher's mitt.

What does dominant, fastball command feel like to a Pitcher? 

As a Pitcher, you no longer have to worry about your fastball location ... 

  1. You go through your movements and the ball travels into your target. 
  2. No matter the grip or the release, your opponent sees fastball arm speed, but the change in velocity and movements stops the hitter from making solid contact with each pitch. 

Dominant, fastball command is simple!

Let's shrink your target area without changing your throwing action.

  1. You place your front foot in front of and slightly behind your back foot. 
  2. You lower your head toward your back foot while you … 
    1. Lift your front leg and  
    2. Rotate your upper arms in front of your chest. 
  3. Instead of throwing to your target, you throw the ball through your target. 

When you do this, this is what you'll find? 

  1. Pitchers realize they’re using little to no effort to deliver every ball very close to their target. 
  2. Dads see their Son’s worst misses finishing closer to their target than ever. 

Your Next-Level, Fastball Command Starting Position Troubleshooting Option

If your target window isn't smaller than in the past, then do this … 

  • Take a video of your throwing action,  
  • Use “Facebook Message” to send your video to us and 
  • In your message, request a complimentary video analysis.   

Within 24 hours, we’ll make a recommendation designed to help you shrink your target area.

We Guarantee Next-Level, Fastball Command.

We give you the basics for producing dominant, fastball command. If you’re truly driven to move to the top of the food chain, you’ll need the next section to transition the same movements into your pitching motion.

Our Guaranteed Pitching Programs isolate and resolve the issues that are currently stopping you from delivering every fastball directly into your Catcher’s mitt.

Want to guarantee your dominant, fastball command? Enroll in the Institute!

Helpful Developmental Tips. 

Baseball Game
Mental focus

After your unacceptable result, the foundation for your next pitch is the movement sequence you practice.

Find out more!

See Your Target, Hit Your Target!

Body awareness

A great mental focus builds body awareness which makes these movements natural and automatic in no time.
Our Guaranteed Programs

Pitcher vs. Hitter


You improve your mental focus and body awareness by committing to a minimum of 25 daily, non-throwing movement sequences.

Guarantee Your Future

Pitching success shouldn’t depend upon surviving your pitching failures!
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Transitioning your warm-up into your pitching motion.

While pitching, here's how you reproduce these stellar results? 

1. You begin with your feet one baseball width apart. 
2. With both feet still on the ground, 

a. You flex your legs until your knees cover your feet and  
b. After you exaggerate your back-leg flex, you position your back-knee over the little toes of your back-foot. 

3. As you did above, you lower your head toward your back foot while you … 

a. Lift your front leg and  
b. Rotate your upper arms in front of your chest. 

4. Instead of throwing to your target, you throw the ball through your target.

Do you experience more fastballs traveling into your target without your target moving?

Yes – Continue doing what you're doing. If you need to know wind-up footwork, how to avoid 2 consecutive pitches from missing your target, more about curve balls, and how to come back from unacceptable pitch results, then enroll in the Institute.
No - Then do this … 

·   Take a video of your throwing action,  
·   Use “Facebook Message” to send your video to us and 
·   In your message, request a complimentary throwing reflex video analysis.   

Within 24 hours, we’ll benchmark your video and make a recommendation designed to get more of your pitches to travel into your target more often than ever.

The sooner you show next-level, fastball command, the quicker you move up the baseball food chain.

Want to guarantee your dominant, fastball command? Enroll in the Institute!

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