Every hitter is vulnerable to a well-located pitch.

Dear Pitcher/Pitching Dad,

Location, not velocity, is the most essential element of any pitch. Add the deceptive fastball arm speed and later stage ball movement that comes with pitch location and your opponent is lucky to reach base.

A pitch traveling into your intended target must be your bread and butter. You keep more hitters off the bases, attract well-deserved attention, and move a step closer to your pitching dreams.

As an added value, your well-located fastballs set up your off-speed pitches and, once you get to this point, your ability to dominate more hitters more often and control more of the games you pitch becomes more noticeable.

You can continue searching for ways to locate your pitches and stop the hitters you face from controlling you, or you can turn your pitch location into a habit, shut down your opponents, rule the games you pitch, and seize control of your pitching career.

If your command is questionable, let me turn your pitch location into a non-issue.

Coach Skip Fast

“Pitch location isn’t something you’re born with, but it IS something I can easily turn into a routine.” ~ Coach Skip Fast