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Let's simply pitching success.

Few people realize how simple a winning pitch location strategy really is. When you have a winning pitch location strategy, you simply use your leg lift to deliver every pitch to your intended target. No “trying,” no “aiming,” just a single process you trust to get every pitch go where you want!!!

The Truth about Pitching Coaches

Anyone can become a Pitching Coach!

To become a Pitching Coach, one Person believes another individual can revive or energize their Pitchers' pitching results. The individual, even though they don’t have any formal pitch location training, is asked to become a Pitching Coach.

Every untrained Pitching Coach jumpstarts baseball's tragic failure cycle.

  • Untrained Pitching Coaches drive Pitchers into self-coaching.
  • When the Pitcher realizes that self-coaching isn't producing any sustainable improvement, the Pitcher seeks support.
  • Never giving up, the Pitcher seeks out another Pitching Coach they feel will revive or re-energize their pitching (sound familiar?).

Round and round the Pitcher goes until their inability to locate their pitches puts them at such a disadvantage that no Team has any interest in the Pitcher’s services

Essentially, the baseball community readily accepts untrained Pitching Coaches, Pitcher can't self-coach and the Pitcher’s competitive pitching career never reaches its true potential!!!

Warning signs your pitching career is being cut short

You're dealing with an untrained, career-shortening Pitching Coach when ...

  1. Your Pitching Coach tries to improve your location by asking you to change your arm slot?
    - The way your body works your body position at the top of your front leg lift determines your location.
  2. Your Pitching Coach asks you to make a change, and you find yourself needing bullpen session to figure out how to do what your Pitching Coach wants you to do?
    - Work with a trained Pro Pitching Institute Coach, and every adjustment is specific, measurable, actionable and repeatable.
  3. Your Pitching Coach focuses on velocity without managing your pitch location?
    - The Major Leaguers throw hard and know where the ball is going to end up.
  4. Your Pitching Coach relies on your last pitch result to prompt their next recommendation?
    - A trained Pro Pitching Insitute Coach uses the way your body reacts to itself to prepare you for your next level today!
  5. Your Pitching Coach treats your throwing arm like you can will it to move the way you and Coach want it to move?
    - A trained Pro Pitching Institute Coach teaches you how to use your lower body to pull your throwing hand the same release window on every pitch.

Truth... Pitching Coaches hold your pitching legacy in their hands!

Baseball Game

“Hoping” your ball travels into your target, means your Coach doesn’t know the rules of the pitching game and, to succeed, relies on you to self-coach yourself.

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See Your Target, Hit Your Target!

 Arm Slot Changes?
Your Coach, who forces you to use your last pitch to determine your next pitch arm slot, your Coach may talk to but isn’t teaching location.
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Pitcher vs. Hitter

Why can’t you improve?
Instead of addressing your body position into your front leg lift, you "try " to change your reactions as you moved down the mound?

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Want to be the best Pitcher you can be? Work with a Pro Pitching Institute Trained Coach.

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The way people remember your pitching is a reflection of the Coaching decisions you make! 
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The Pro Pitching Institute Winning Pitch Location Strategies.

The Pro Pitching Institute’s unparalleled coaching record revolves around our Winning Pitch Location Strategies©.  This field-tested, copyrighted protocol teaches Pitchers how to located their next-pitch and trains Pitching Coaches how to teach their Pitchers how to locate their pitches.

Compare the power the PPI program offers …

Currently, Pitching Coaches coach to what they just saw happen.

  • The Winning Pitch Location Strategies© prepares Pitchers for success at the highest levels.

 Currently, Coaches ask their Pitchers to do what they did, what they see other Pitchers do or what they believe Pitchers must do to improve their location.

  • The Winning Pitch Location Strategies© focuses on how the Pitcher’s movements relate to their results and, when a disruptive trend appears, knows how to make an immediate and long-term correction. 

Currently, Pitching Coaches generate flat learning curves.

  • With the Winning Pitch Location Strategies©, each pitching session takes every Pitcher a step closer to their pitching dreams.

Currently, Pitching Coaches support their program through pitching stats.

  • With the Winning Pitch Location Strategies©, Pitchers measure their performance by the ratio of pitches traveling directly into their receiver’s target without the target moving. By design, any stat their current Pitching Coach uses to measure their pitching performance will automatically fall well into the acceptable range.

Currently, Pitching Coaches hold Pitchers, not themselves, accountable for their Pitcher’s results.

  • With the Winning Pitch Location Strategies©, the PPI Trained Coach holds themselves responsible for their Pitcher’s location.

Currently, whether Pitcher’s realize it or not, they would be better off self-coaching themselves.

  • The information within the Winning Pitch Location Strategies© is so powerful that, once Pitchers experience how much less effort they use to produce better markedly results,  Pitchers make their PPI Trained Coach a permanent member of their support Team.

Currently, Pitching Coaches have nowhere to go to learn how to teach pitch location.

  • The Winning Pitch Location Strategies© is built to teach Pitching Coaches how to teach their Pitchers to locate their next pitch into their intended target.

Our Winning Pitch Location Strategies© dominate good Hitters. 

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