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Gravity impacts your stability which drives your results!

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Have you ever considered this?
Your body parts are a single interconnected network where your mind reads how gravity impacts your stability and, based upon the instability your actions present, knows which movement pattern will instantaneously stabilize your body.

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See Your Target, Hit Your Target!

When you think in these terms...
You realize your foot placements determine your stability at the top of your front leg lift and your body position at the top of your front leg lift sets the stage for the torso, leg and throwing arm movement combination your mind uses to stabilize your body.
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Pitcher vs. Hitter

Now consider this...
There is ONE AND ONLY ONE front leg lift position guaranteed to use your throwing arm action to stabilize your body which, by plan, brings your throwing hand through the same tiny release window on every pitch and gets each pitch to travel directly into your intended target.

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Be the Pitcher you always dreamed you’d be!

Pitchers, Dads and Volunteer Coaches, get yourself into this starting position and gravity uses your throwing arm action to quickly (enhanced velocity) and efficiently (more sustainable) stabilize your body. 

Follow these simple steps.

  1. Use the loose dirt around the mound to level your back-foot plant area.
  2. Place your feet one baseball width apart. 
  3. Flex your knees and then place your back knee over the little toes on your back foot. 
  4. Lift your front knee up to and in line with your front shoulder. 
  5. Once you complete your front leg lift, throw the ball “through”, not “to”, your target. 

The Pro Pitching Institute Advantage

While the baseball community complicates pitch location, these 5 simple steps demonstrate how easy and stress-free it is to throw strikes and how much more effective you can be when you let gravity's impact on your stability drive your results. 

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