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We've uncovered the amazingly “simple” solution to pitching excellence.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci

We reduce pitching mastery into a simple “pitching position” and a “current throwing action”.

  • A Simple “Pitching Position” … A Pitcher’s “simple pitching position” forces a Pitcher’s lower body to effortlessly produce significantly better results than would be realistically possible with their current motion.
  • “Current Throwing Action” … Pitchers use their current throwing action to throw through their target.  In fact, when combined with their "simple pitching position", the harder a Pitcher throws, the greater the chance their ball travels directly into their target.

No matter a Pitcher's age or skill level, their “simple pitching position” automatically and naturally turns their outcomes into sustainably impressive events!

  • Their pitches travel directly into their Catcher's target and behave the way they expect.
  • Their enhanced throwing arm speed gives their fastball even more pop.
  • Their tremendously late movement discourages their opponents from making solid contact with their pitches.
  • Every off-speed pitch shows the hitter the fastball arm speed that’ll keep him guessing.
  • Their ability to pitch to their Team's pitching strategy keeps their Team close enough to win every time they take the mound. 

By mastering one “simple pitching position”, a Pitcher attracts next-level attention, find Teams fighting over their services, and certainly give themselves more life-altering pitching options than they ever dreamed possible.

Without aiming and with minimal physical effort, Pitchers will see each pitch going where they want with better than expected movement and velocity pitch after pitch after pitch ... no muss, no fuss!

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Don't be fooled by the simplicity.
It took over 20 years, but we really do what you probably believe is so simple that's impossible to pull off.

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Pitchers and Catcher

“Pitching Simple” is repeatable.
Your high-level results come from a very repeatable “pitching position” and your current throwing action.

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Pitcher vs. Hitter

“Pitching Simple” creates greatness.
You challenge every hitter with superior location, late ball movement and a deceptive throwing arm action.

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How can a “simple pitching position” have such an enormous impact on a Pitcher’s pitching?

The sophistication built into a “simple pitching position” is unparalleled!

From a Pitcher’s “simple pitching position”, their throwing action…

  • Triggers their lower body to …

  • Activate a natural stride which …

  • Turns their throwing action into a naturally productive involuntary reflex.

As a spontaneous reaction, a Pitcher’s pitches travel directly into their Catcher’s mitt, their pitch displays late ball movement and, especially on off-speed pitches, the hitter sees fastball arm speed.

By taking complete responsibility for a Pitcher’s “simple pitching position”, a Pitcher experiences the results that have been eluding them all along.

In the unlikely event a Pitcher finds themselves not using less effort to produce significantly better results, they’re free to ask for a refund on their Membership Fee.

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