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Velocity without control does nothing for your pitching career!

The Pro Pitching Institute teaches you "how to" expect each pitch to end up where you want with better ball speed, later ball movement plus much, much, much more.

If Pitchers pitch and Coaches coach, then…

  • Why aren’t your Coaches teaching you how to deliver every ball directly into your Catcher's mitt?
  • Why are your Coaches telling you “what” you need to do without teaching you “how to do” “what” they want?
  • Why do Coaches recommendations always contain some version of “you need to ...” without the "how to"?
  • Why do you waste hours trying to figure out “how to do” what your Coach says “you need to do”?

Stop coaching yourself. 

Should these riddles describe your situation, your Coach …

  • Downright doesn’t know “how to” teach “what” he wants,
  • Is forcing your baseball survival to revolve around you hoping you can figure out “how to do” “what”” he asks,
  • Is wasting your already too short baseball career attempting to do things the Pro Pitching Institute teaches in minutes???

With the Pro Pitching Institute, instead of being stuck trying to coach yourself(?), you work with a Coaching Professional who holds himself responsible for your results. 

Discover “how to” control your opponent and impress talent evaluators.

The Pro Pitching Institute teaches you “how to” deliver each pitch directly into your target which, without doing anything extra, means you ...

  • Live down in the zone,  
  • Induce misses and weak ground-balls, 
  • Throw all your pitches into your target, 
  • Stay away from big innings, 
  • Execute a game plan, 
  • Possess a collection of pitches. 
  • Show a clean and repeatable delivery, 
  • Go deep into your outings, 
  • Maximize your velocity, 
  • Have late ball movement, 
  • Are reliable, 
  • Repeat your arm slot,
  • Maintain your velocity throughout your starts, 
  • Keep hitters from barreling up the baseball, 
  • Have a three-pitch mix and   
  • Show emotional maturity. 

By taking the years it takes to understand “why” you see “what” you see, Pro Pitching Institute Coaches know “how to” teach you to experience every indicator on every pitch!

If you have the "want to", the Pro Pitching Institute supplies the "how to"! 

Every "what" deserves a "how"! 

The Pro Pitching Institute's "how to's" are the only foolproof way to control every hitter you face.

What to expect – Anticipate that, once mastered, these simply executed “how to do’s” will permanently make sustainable excellence your norm, not your exception.

Your Preparation ... These actions prepare your body for a productive "load". 

1. Back Foot Landing Area 
You make sure your back-foot landing area is level.? 
When done as intended, onlookers clearly see your back foot is level. Should the area where you place your back-foot not be level, use the loose dirt around the mound to level the ground in front of the rubber. 

2. Foot Placements
You place your feet inside your hips. 
When done as intended, onlookers clearly see your feet are no farther apart than your hips. 

3. Leg Prep 
Lastly, bring your butt cheeks down to your heels.  
When done as intended, you end up with your knees outside your toes. 

Your Load … These actions create potential energy,

4. At the same time, you "move up" and "move down" . 
You move your front knee up ("move up") to your front shoulder while you drop and separate your hands ("move down").

Your throwing reaction …Your throwing trigger turns your potential energy into kinetic energy.

5. Your throwing action turns your delivery into an extremely sustainable and very productive reaction.
Triggering your throwing (re)action is unbelievably simple … Once you complete your load and while still perched on one leg, you move your chin into your Catcher's mitt.

There are no excuses, only reasons. 

These positions and movements are intended to send your brain messages that forces your throwing arm to deliver every pitch directly into your target, but sometimes, because your brain misinterprets the way you think about your movements, your target window is larger than expected.  

When you fail to deliver the ball directly into your target at the same rate you throw strikes right now, our expert Pitching Coaches can isolate your disruptive actions, give you a more efficient way to think about your movements, and remove every reason for your pitches to not go where you want and behave the way you expect. 

When you apply these simply executed skills and still experience a gap between your best and worst outings, pick up your cell phone, call “Skip” at 856-281-2596  and schedule your FREE 20-minute, Facetime Fast-Track Pitching Session. 

Once you completely refine your movements, "what" you do produces the results you expect. 

Ask us to fast-track your "what to do's"!

Expect every pitch to travel directly into your Catcher's target.

Instantaneous ball release!
The skills we shared turn your throwing action into a very spontaneous and easily repeated reaction.


See your target, hit your target!

It’s a process!
Your preparation prepares an effective load which puts you in a position to keep your Team close enough to win.

Instruction is a Cell Phone Call Away

Instantaneous improvement!
Readily available digital technology lets us see and eliminate any physical reason you struggle with your command.


Is your Coach blocking your pitching career? 

This is very real and something important to consider.
Your Coach compensates for his lack of knowledge by holding you accountable for "what" he asks you to do. When it’s time for any sort of performance review and you regularly struggle to execute your Team’s pitching plan, your Coach's response will be "He doesn't do what I ask him to do” or “I don’t think he’s that coachable"???? 

The Pro Pitching Institute remove any excuse for not controlling every hitter on every pitch!
Call (856) 281-2596

Your “how to do’s” cause “what" you do. 

“How” you begin the unstoppable chain reaction you call your motion determines “what” you see when you deliver your pitch.

It's all about "how" to produce results ...

- “How to” place your feet makes sure you feet end up under your hips,  
- “How to” lift your front leg, drop your hands and your front knee finishes in line with your front shoulder and.
- "Move" your chin toward your target to get every pitch to travel directly into you target with late movement, great deception, enhanced arm speed plus much more!

As long as "how" you move challenges your opponent on every pitch in every outing, what do your position even matter? If your results are already sustainable and repeatable, why try to change any position?

... and your positions!

You're disrupting your pitching chain and are going to struggle to regularly find your Catcher's target when you hear your Coach use any of these action words!

- “get” …some body part in a different position,  
- “do” … something different within your motion,  
- “keep” … some body part in a certain position,  
- “feel” … what you did last pitch and do it again on this pitch,
- "picture" ... some body part in a different way and  
- “move” … try to reposition some body part in a different way. 

A "what to" Coach limits your future pitching options.

When a Coach uses these terms, he's asking you to change things in the middle of your unstoppable motion, interrupting your natural pitching chain and, consequently, making it impossible for you to know where any pitch ends up?  

The way your pitching chain works, you can accomplish “what” your Coach wants for short periods, but, because he/you never address “how to” produce "what" your Coach wants, your target window will always revert to its original, unacceptable size.

To produce acceptable results, once you take the mound, you'll need the time to find a good pitch tempo. Sadly, as you climb the baseball ladder, your opponents give you less and less time to find your tempo. Therefore, unless you ask the Pro PItching Institute "how to" eliminate your need to find your tempo, you'll find your pitching options become fewer and fewer???

Don’t let this happen to you. Contact us for free Fast-Track Pitching Session! 

We teach elite control by choice, not by chance. 

Get more information about our program!

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