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Your pitching motion contains more movement combinations than a Rubik’s Cube.

A Rubik’s Cube has billions of movement combinations, but a series of very perceptive and simply executed movement patterns make it easy to get the same colored squares on the same sides.

Why you struggle?

Like a Rubik’s Cube, many biomechanical pitching movements tease you into thinking you’ve solved your personal pitching riddle, but, when you test the biomechanical pattern you thought worked, you find it impossible to get any 3 consecutive pitches to travel directly into your target.

With the thousands of biomechanical combinations a pitching motion contains, simply using trial-and-error to find the right combination isn’t wise. By doing so, there’s an excellent chance your competitive pitching career will end before you find a sustainable biomechanical pattern and you end up measuring your pitching success by how well you survive your pitching failures?

Experience success!

Out of these thousands of biomechanical combinations, one universally productive pitching pattern does exist.

Whether you’re a Little Leaguer, Professional or any level in between, this self-checking, 6-step biomechanical pattern produces the sustainable command, enhanced throwing arm speed, later ball movement and deceptive arm action you need to succeed in a sport built on failure.

With a little time and effort, you’ll marvel how quickly 4 simple positions and 2 basic movements solve your pitching woes.

In fact, your laser focus on this simple 6-stage movement process will get you to confidently deliver every pitch into your Catcher’s target with the later ball movement and deceptive arm action needed to consistently challenge every hitter on every pitch. 

If you have the "want to", the Pro Pitching Institute supplies the "how to"! 

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We teach mvoements sequences without the financial and geographic barriers.  
No matter where you live, whether you’re a Little League Pitcher, a Professional Pitcher or anywhere in between, we use our economical FaceTime model to teach you biomechanical combinations to speed your journey to the pitching excellence.

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See Your Target, Hit Your Target!

Our biomechanical patterns stand alone.
Traditional instruction doesn't work. By  teaching biomechanical sequences in a different way, you find immediate improvement, a self-checking processes and heighten expectactions. Our teaching process is something you need to experience to believe! 

Instruction is a Cell Phone Call Away

Our “Performance Protection Plan”.
Wtih  our “Performance Protection Plan”, should you feel don't produce the incremental command improvement you expect, just drop Skip an email, and within 24 hours, he’ll refund your monthly enrollment fee for every month you’ve been in the program!


Pitching success shouldn’t depend upon surviving your pitching failures!
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The research proves this biomechanical combination promises sustainable pitching success.

What you're about to discover is the only biomechanical pattern that’ll produce sustainable pitching success.

These movements and positions apply the engineering, biology, and biomechanical principles proven to generate the sustainable results you need to succeed at the highest levels.

Your movement pattern relies on 3 positions.

1.  First, your entire biomechanical sequence begins with and is dependent upon a level back-foot.

Should you back-foot landing area be less-than-level, the solution is very straight forward. You simply use the loose dirt around the mound to level your back-foot landing area.

2.  Next, you place your front foot one baseball width from your back foot.

The distance between your feet isn’t an exact science. The one baseball width is a relative measurement and there to merely remind you to begin with your feet squarely inside your hips.

3.  You finalize your preparation by placing your hands just above your bellybutton.

2 movements get you ready to complete your delivery.

1.    Slightly bend at the waist and look at your front foot.

 You lower your front butt cheek to your front foot heel. You continue moving your butt cheek toward your heel until you only see the big toe of your front foot. Just a reminder, when you do this, your movement is with your front leg, not your back.

 2.    Lift your front knee toward your front shoulder.

 When you complete your front leg lift, your front knee aligns with your front shoulder.

This action triggers your sustainably productive throwing response.

1.    You come out of your front leg lift by separating your hands, pointing your glove side thumb toward the ground and passing your thumb over your front knee.

Your glove hand is the first movement you make out your front leg lift. Your glove hand action causes you to stride and initiates your throwing action.

Measuring your results.

When you first use this 6-stage biomechanical process, you’ll see your worst misses finishing closer to your target than ever.

When you practice this movement pattern long enough, you find every pitch traveling directly into your Catcher’s target with the later ball movement and deceptive arm action that challenges every opponent to make solid contact with any one of your pitches.

Not getting these results?

Since this movement pattern is built around your body's biomechanical response patterns, when you fail to see these results, some simple movement alters your pitching sequence, the message you want your movements to send to your body and your results.

When you can't find the movement that's disrupting your motion, to permanently correct your movement sequence, enroll in the Institute.

Once you ask for our help, you’ll produce the pitching results you always dreamed about. 

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No matter where you live, Pro Pitching Institute pitching lessons teach you the movement pattern you need to succeed at the highest levels.
We'll use readily available digital tools like Facetime or Skype to make sure you develop the flawless command everyone else falsely believes they know how to teach.

In-Person Pitching Lessons

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