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We fix your most crippling, yet fundamental, flaw ... your inability to locate your pitches!




Why can’t you find your target? 

Your inability to find your target begins with your starting position.

From your current starting position, to move down the mound, you're force to …

  • Think about your stride length,
  • Actively think to stride,
  • Push off the rubber,
  • Lead with your front hip or
  • Any and all variations of the above.


In each case, your lower half moves toward the plate faster than your upper body.

When your lower body moves ahead of your upper body, before you can complete your delivery, you’re forced to use your legs to vertically align your upper body over your lower body.

Let's explore what impact this type of realignment has on your outings!

You command the ball when you ...

  • Feel a “leg tempo” where, by your legs bringing your body back to vertical at the same pace, you consistently send your throwing hand through a productive release window.

Because a productive “leg tempo” is impossible to carry from one outing to the next, a bad outing always follows a good one.

  • You have a bad outing because you can't feel or find a “leg tempo” for that outing. During every unacceptable outing, it’s these slight pace fluctuations that expand your target area.

Only when you completely eliminate "leg tempo" from your motion can you produce Major League ready command!

How do you eliminate “leg tempo”?

By teaching you how to finish your front leg lift with your upper and lower bodies over one another, you're in a position to have your current throwing action to send your body rotating down the mound.

By rotating down the mound, you …

  • Completely remove "leg tempo" as the reason you miss your target,
  • Without breaking a sweat, command every pitch directly into your Catcher's mitt,
  • Permanently bridge the gap between your best and worst outings and
  • Come to expect every outing to be a good one.

As a bonus, when you complete your stride with your upper and lower bodies vertically aligned, your legs force you to …

  • Live down in the zone,  
  • Induce misses and weak ground-balls, 
  • Throw all your pitches into your target, 
  • Stay away from big innings, 
  • Execute a game plan, 
  • Possess a collection of pitches. 
  • Show a clean and repeatable delivery, 
  • Go deep into your outings, 
  • Maximize your velocity, 
  • Have late ball movement, 
  • Are reliable, 
  • Repeat your arm slot,
  • Maintain your velocity throughout your starts, 
  • Keep hitters from barreling up the baseball, 
  • Have a three-pitch mix and   
  • Show emotional maturity. 

… on every pitch all the time!!!

If you have the "want to", the Pro Pitching Institute supplies the "how to"! 

Discover what the Pro Pitching Institute is all about!


Baseball Game

We teach you command without the financial and geographic barriers.  
No matter where you live, whether you’re a Little League Pitcher, a Professional Pitcher or anywhere in between, we use our economical FaceTime model to teach you a starting position that'll speed your journey to the highest levels of the sport.


See Your Target, Hit Your Target!

Does your starting position controlling your command seem way to simple?
If we present things in a different way than you’re used to hearing and, because of this, you think what we present wrong, we’d really like you to tell us the flaw in our thinking. Until then, we’ll let our “Performance Protection Plan” speak for itself! 

Instruction is a Cell Phone Call Away

Our “Performance Protection Plan”.
Under our “Performance Protection Plan”, should you feel we fail to produce the incremental command improvement you expect, just drop Skip an email, tell him where we failed you and, within 24 hours, he’ll refund your monthly enrollment fee for every month you’ve been in the program!


Eventually, when you realize your best intentions aren’t going to conquer your command challenges, you’ll need us!Call (856) 281-2596

What does a command-producing motion look like?

When you finish a command-producing front leg lift, your hips are level and your front knee is on an imaginary line between your front foot and front shoulder.

If you think you’ll just get into a position where your hips are level and your front knee lines up with your front shoulder, good luck to you.

Instead of your front leg lift being an action, your front leg lift is your body’s predictable response to your  footwork, arm activity and front knee movement.

One position and 3 movements produce command.

Your preparation gives your starting position a picture-perfect foundation. 

(As you go through this progression, please remember every action impacts the action that follows. When you treat any one action by itself, your command might worsen?)

1. Back Foot Landing Area 
Unless you begin each delivery with your back-foot level, every element that follows creates a failure loop that ends with you not knowing where your next pitch will end up.
- Should the area where you place your back-foot not be level, use the loose dirt around the mound to level the ground in front of the rubber.

2. Foot Placements
Your back-foot landing area allows you to place your feet inside your hips.
 - Should you struggle to place your feet inside your hips, check to make sure your back-foot landing area is level.

3. Leg Prep 
You complete your preparation by bringing your butt cheeks down to your heels. 
- If your foot placements and back-foot landing area agree with our recommendations, your knees will end up over the outside portions of your feet. 

Your Load sets you up for your leg lift and hand separation. 

4. At the same time, you "move up" and "move down". 
You move your front knee up to your front shoulder and, at the same time, you drop and separate your hands.
- As long as your actions leading up to your “load” promote the right responses, these simultaneous actions will force you to end your front leg lift with your hips level and your front knee in line with your front hip.

Your throwing trigger … We ask you to use your current throwing action to rotate your body down the mound, get your pitches to go where you want and see the ball movement you expect.

With us, your command becomes our responsibility!!!

By seeing the way your body reacts to itself, we have 100’s of ways to teach you how to end your front leg lift with your hips level and your front knee in line with your front shoulder.

Your body talks to us.
It’s human nature to let your experiences, beliefs and perceptions influence how you perform each skill. Thankfully, the way your body reacts to each movement tells us the impact your personal history has on your motion.

We interpret your reactions and, when we see a reaction known to skew your command, we recommend alternate ways to think about your movements. Through Facetime-like apps, or during in-person instruction, we see and analyze your new reaction and respond accordingly.

24/7 Follow-up avoids bad behaviors becoming habits.
When you fail to deliver the ball directly into your target at incrementally better rates, you use your Pro Pitching Institute 24/7 Portal (something that comes with every enrollment) to help us isolate your disruptive actions before they become habits, recommend a more efficient way to think about your movements, and give you with every reason for your pitches to go where you want and with the movement you expect. 

Stop the bleeding!!!
Pick up your cell phone, call “Skip” at 856-281-2596 and schedule a FREE 20-minute consultation. 

Once you ask for our help, you’ll produce the pitching results you always dreamed about. 

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Worldwide Face-to-Face, Online Pitching Lessons
No matter where you live, Pro Pitching Institute pitching lessons teach you the command you need to succeed at the highest levels. 
We'll use readily available digital tools like Facetime or Skype to make sure you develop the flawless command everyone else falsely believes they know how to teach.

In-Person Pitching Lessons

Same pitching lessons, different venue!
If you live in the Delaware Valley, we can meet for

- Outdoor Instruction at a field near you.
We'll coordinate our calendars and meet at a mutually convenient field. 
- Indoor Instruction at Total Turf
During the Winter and in inclement weather, we'll meet at Pro Pitching Institute@The Total Turf Experience, 614 Lambs Rd, Pitman, NJ 08071

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