Coach Skip Fast is the internationally recognized Owner and Pitching Coach at the Pro Pitching Institute.

Simple balance guarantees …

Every second of every day, either your mind keeps you at – or brings you back to – a state of natural balance.

How balance influences your motion.

Your body is in balance …

    1. Before your front foot comes off the ground,
    2. At the top of your front leg lift, and
    3. When you complete your motion.
What happens as your body moves from one point of balance to the next?
  • First, you decide the foot placements and legwork that’ll take you into your front leg lift.
  • Next, your foot placements and initial legwork determine how you end your front leg lift,
  • From there, your body position at the top of your front leg lift determines the way you move down the mound, your arm slot, and where your pitch eventually ends up.

Your bottom line … Either you manage your balance, or your balance is going to manage you!

When balance destroys results.

An imbalance into the top of your front leg lift kills your pitch location and shortens your competitive pitching career.

  • Legwork to Front Leg Lift. When your foot placements and legwork create an imbalance, you end your front leg lift with your front hip higher than your back and your weight centered over your back foot.
  • Front Leg Lift to Ball Release. The rest of your motion is consumed with getting your body back in balance. Since your body’s drive for balance will control your movements as you end your stride, trying to change anything you see is pointless and a waste of time.
  • You can’t control what you can’t control. Your inability to regularly send 3 consecutive pitches directly into your target represents the conflict between what your body needs to do to get back in balance and your conscious struggles to get your next pitch to travel into your target.
Exceptional is Within Reach.

If managing your pitch location is a constant battle, then, logically, your problem can’t be the way you move AFTER you come out of your front leg lift, so it must be your body position BEFORE you come out of your front leg lift.

Coach Skip is trained to manage your body position BEFORE you even move down the mound. He’ll place your body in a position guaranteed to automatically, spontaneously, and repeatedly deliver your pitches directly into your intended target.

 … exceptional results.

Coach Skip gets you into a simply executed, well-managed, and very balanced front leg lift position where …

  • BEFORE you even move down the mound, you expect your pitches to travel directly into your target.
  • You produce one, highly effective, extremely balanced movement down the mound.
  • You simply and effectively correct any pitch location woes in one rep.
  • You eliminate the need to end your front leg lift with your hips tilted or your weight centered over your back foot.
  • You keep your throwing arm free to respond to your lower body.
  • You turn your pitch location into an automatic, spontaneous, and very repeatable reaction.
With Coach Skip, you’re guaranteed to receive the most efficient, the most cost-effective instruction in all of baseball!