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Discover a ridiculously simple and naturally applied solution to any pitching problem!

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci

We give you a way to flawlessly control your motion.

4 kinematic fundamentals allow you to decide how you want your body to move!

Kinematics is an understanding of the how your body reacts to your movements to keep itself in balance.

As your body keeps itself in balance, your body produces an incredible number of reactionary markers.  As we  interpret these instinctive responses, your body shouts to us how you keep your body in balance which leads us what we need to address to force you to continually end your delivery with the involuntary throwing reflex that'll give you the results you need to succeed at the highest-levels.

Your body uses various combinations these 4 kinematic factors to tell to a trained observer why your movements look the way they do.

  1. Neurological Reaction –Your mind knows your body is “in balance” when your hips are level and your core is upright.
  2. Physical Properties– When your body is “in balance”, your weight is centered within your “base of support”. With both feet on the ground, your feet is your “base of support”. When perched on one foot, your knees become your “base of support”.
  3. Psychological Reaction – The instant your weight moves from the center of your “base of support” your mind instantaneously uses your arms to get your weight back to center. Conversely, the only time you can move your arms the way you want is when your body senses your weight is centered within your “base of support”.
  4. Physiological Reaction – Your "balance" presents your core as the vertical axis around which your body rotates. When you combine your vertical axis with your body working  cross itself, your front shoulder firing back causes your back-hip to move forward which creates your full body rotation.

How your body’s uses these instinctive kinematic factors unlocks why your body moves the way it does and what simply changes will get your body to move in a different way. 

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Kinematics = Sustainability.
Kinematics get your lower body to make your release window sustainably productive.


Pitchers and Catcher

Kinematics produce results.
With lower body engagement, each pitch travels directly into your Catcher’s mitt.

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Kinematics = More pitching options.
Next level teams recognize how your lower body engagement can help them win.

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Instead of producing a throwing action, kinematics creates an extremely sustainable and very high-level throwing reflex!!!
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Kinematics turn your “linear” motion into a “rotational” masterpiece!

Your kinematically-generated, "linear" motion creates a throwing action which prohibits any lower body involvement.

When your front leg lift causes your front hip to end up higher than your back hip, your knees have no separation between your knees (a Physical Requirement) and your mind senses an “imbalance” (a Neurological Reaction). To get back “in balance”, your mind commands you to lower your front hip (a Physiological Reaction). Lowering your front hip force you to make a linear move down the mound. As you move down the mound, you use your throwing arm to offset your weight shift (a Psychological Reaction).  Once your front foot gets back on the ground, you mind senses your weight is back to center (a Psychological Reaction), you free your throwing arm to deliver your next pitch.

When you combine a linear motion and world-class eye-hand coordination you can succeed, but the kinematic conflict between the throwing arm path you want and the path your psychological reactions demand your arm take never disappears. The battle between what you want and what your body needs means you’re always at risk for missing your target over the plate.

Your kinematically-driven "rotation" use your 4 "Universal Fundamentals" to create sustainable pitching excellence. 

We interpret your kinematic reactions to show you how to end your front leg lift with your weight centered within your knees (Neurological Reaction and Physical Requirements) which keeps your arms free to move the way you want (a Psychological Reaction). You move your free glove side back to trigger your lower body rotation (a Physiological Reaction). Your glove side movement forces your throwing arm to freely and instantly respond to your planned lower body rotation with a spontaneous and highly productive throwing reflex (a Psychological Reaction).

Your kinematically-driven chain reaction contains (1) the right foot placements and (2) the correct back-knee orientation which (3) combines with a proper front lift that'll end your front leg lift with your hips level, your core upright and, most importantly, your glove side free to force your lower body to produce a kinematically-driven, highly productive and completely spontaneous throwing reflex.

Our kinematic pitching model resolves your most frustrating inconsistencies!

Tom House, Dick Mills, Dr. Mike Marshall, Chris O'Leary, Paul Nyman, their disciples as well as all the people you can follow on books or websites promote some action proven to produce a kinematically-generated, linear motion.

The linear motion these well-marketed programs generate force you to forever wonder where your next pitch will end up.

To survive each outing, you throw away everything that's been told you and innocently treat the spontaneous kinematic reactions you generate as controllable actions. Your well-intentioned plan of attack causes you to waste hundreds of hours on the mound trying to figure out what you need to do to be more competitive and to become totally baffled why none of what you do ever sticks???

Kinematics effortlessly corrects the flaws these hyper-marketed programs bring to the table.

Either you manage your kinematics, or your kinematics manages you. The choice is yours!

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