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Your Dilemma

Coach Skip has spent 25+ years rethinking how to use your arms and legs to locate your pitches.

What he found is other Pitching Coaches waste your pitching career trying to get you to move your arms and leg the way they want.

What you may not realize is that the way your Coach wants you to move your arms and legs isn’t the way your body needs to use your arms and legs to keep itself in balance.

Consequently, the conflict between what you want and what your body needs mean your pitch location rarely measures up to your expectations.

Therefore, each outing becomes a constant battle to keep your Team close enough to win the games you pitch.

Your Solution

ONLY Coach Skip is crazy enough to hold himself accountable for your pitch location.

He does this by teaching you how to end your front leg lift with your body in a position where, in one simple step, he forces your body to make a throwing action, and, in the process, rely on your body to bring your throwing hand through the same productive release point on every pitch.

His approach is so simple that most Pitchers can’t understand why it isn’t more complicated.

Once this thought enters your mind, human nature dictates you will innocently complicate a very simple, yet highly effective, delivery.

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” ~ Albert Einstein.

The genius within Coach Skip’s programs refuses to let you complicate the simple task of locating your pitches.

Built into his program are the biofeedback and mental tools you need to know that every time you end the front leg lift in a predetermined position you will simply and continually keep your Team close enough to win the games you pitch.

Coach Skip clears a path to your pitching dreams.

The throwing action Coach Skip creates is guaranteed to maximize your throwing arm speed, produce extremely late-stage ball movement, and basically challenge the very best hitters to make solid contact with any pitch you throw.

Once you trust your body to perform the way Coach Skip knows it will, you come to expect fewer hitters to reach base, anticipate best-in-class outings every time you take the mound, and attract the next-level attention you need to keep your pitching career moving forward.

Ask Coach Skip how to use pitch location to supercharge your pitching.


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