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Coach Skip is one of the best lower-body-driven fastball command teachers around!

coach skip teaches lower body involvement.

Coach Skip understands your body uses your arms to keep itself in balance.

He also knows every time your pitch fails to end up where you expect your body used your throwing arm for balance.

It took a good 10 years to discover, but, when you regularly miss your target, Coach Skip comprehends why you’re using your throwing arm for balance and more importantly, knows how to adjust your movements to free your throwing arm to produce the results you expect.

    Your Body’s Drive for Balance Impacts Your lower body.

    Coach Skip realizes that, when you pitch, your Body’s need for balance has a direct influence on your results.

    Coach Skip understands how your movements impact your weight distribution and that you either …

    • Use your throwing arm to balance your movement down the mound and, consequently, can’t know with any certainty where any single pitch will end up, or
    • By ending your stride with your body in balance, force your body to use your throwing action to send your pitches where you want with uncanny regularity.

    Suppose you’re one of the 95% of all Pitchers who don’t know where the next pitch will end up.

    In that case, your pitching struggles stem from your mistaken belief that even though your body is actively using your throwing arm to offset a weight shift you can consciously will your throwing arm to produce the result you want????

    You either try to engage your lower body or have Coach Skip show you how to engage your lower body.

    Ready to finally stop inconsistent and frustrating pitching outings? Are you ready to feel confident on the mound and have some fun watching the best hitters trying to reach base?

    … then ask Coach Skip to show you how to use your lower body to supercharge your pitching career!

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