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More than 25 years ago, the Pitchers I coached got very few pitches to travel into their target and displayed no velocity.

I also noticed how their lower body failed to fire before their throwing hand released the baseball.

The fix was simple … so I thought.

Ask the Pitcher to fire their hips before they release the baseball.

Unfortunately, the solution wasn’t that simple.

  • The hips had nothing to do with the throwing arm.
  • The throwing arm had nothing to do with the front foot landing, and
  • The glove arm continually landed under the Pitcher’s armpit.

The Pitcher constantly landed in their stride, they released the ball and then fired their lower body.

After mistakenly spending years trying more fixes, I realized that the solution was before their front foot hit the ground.

To make a long story short … the solution was in the Pitcher’s starting position.

  • The Pitcher began with their feet in a certain position,
  • Their front knee is ahead of their front foot, and
  • Their hands separate in a specific position.
  • From there, their glove hand commanded and gave velocity to their pitchers.

For the last 15 years, I’ve had tremendous success getting a Pitcher’s glove hand to get their lower body to send the ball to their target with uncanny regularity and extreme velocity.

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