I teach you how to teach yourself command.

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The Power of What I Do.

Within each of my 3 self-coaching programs, I’ve documented everything a Pitcher would hear me say and teach during my in-person pitching sessions.

You may not know this, but during my in-person sessions, I hold myself accountable for the Pitcher’s command.

When an in-person Pitcher misses the strike zone on 3-consecutive pitches, it’s my responsibility to find and correct the reason this happened, give the Pitcher a way to permanently eliminate the reason for these misses, and in real-time, get his pitches back into the strike zone.

My Self-Coaching Programs Take Me to You.

Pitchers who use my self-coaching programs are asked to do the same things they’d be asked to do if they were standing next to me.

My self-coaching programs make it easier for any Pitcher, no matter their age or skill level, to get their pitches to end up where they expect with uncanny regularity.

What I’ve found?

Imbalance is the enemy of command …

Each program builds on my understanding that imbalances are the enemy of command.

  • With any imbalance, a Pitcher’s Body is going to use its Throwing Arm for balance.
  • When a Pitcher lets this happen, they lose conscious control of their Throwing Arm path.
  • Once they lose control of their Throwing Arm path, they can’t know with any certainty where any single pitch will end up!

… and I understand how to teach balance.

Armed with the problem, I now needed a teachable solution.

  • It took over 15 years, but I stayed with it and taught myself how to teach balance and, with balance, came much better ball-to-strike ratios.
  • However, I realized balance alone doesn’t mean a Pitcher will command the ball within the strike zone.
  • To solve this dilemma, I discovered and taught myself to teach a well-planned imbalance that’ll force Pitchers to send their pitches directly into their intended target with uncanny regularity.

My programs teach Pitchers how to turn their command into a very repeatable and remarkably consistent physical reaction.

Pitchers driven to achieve Their Pitching Dreams Need the command I teach.

If command is the only thing standing between where you are now and your pitching dreams, my “Teach Yourself (Your Son) How to Throw Strikes©” begins clearing a path to your pitching dreams, my “Teach Yourself Next Level Command©” takes you command up a notch, and my “Troubleshooting Your Worst Misses©is likely to make your Big-League ready