in-person INSTRUCTION in south jersey

No one nowhere teaches location. 

By involving the Lower Body, your location makes your motion much healthier.


  • Lower Body use is crucial for generating power, velocity, and location.
  • You transfer force from the ground up through your core and ultimately to the ball.
    • Imagine a whip; your lower body initiates the motion, your core transfers it, and your upper body releases the energy through the throw.
  • A strong lower body allows for better location and velocity on your pitches.

Your location gets your lower body to engage!

You produce location with uncanny regularity by letting the glove-arm palm movement feel comfortable and fluid.

your “best glove arm  (in-person) experience”!

YOU focus ON 3 balanced positions AND ONE ACTION.

  • One Position, Your Starting Position: You get into a Starting Position having your weight balanced over your Back Foot.
    • There are 4 mechanics to make your Starting Position functional.
  • Second Position, Your Front Leg Lift: You pause in your Front Leg Lift without falling toward the target.
    • You use one motion to produce 3 very memorable mechanics.
  • Third Position, Hand Separation: Your Hand Separation balances your motion.
    • Your Hand Separation is the final balance point for your delivery.
  • ONE ACTION, Your Throwing Action: A Glove Hand movement delivers the ball to your target.
    • Your Lower Body drives the ball to your target with maximum velocity and pinpoint command.

… and

Each precise function is taught as a Front Foot, Back Foot, Glove, and Throwing Arm position.

  • The only action is a specific Glove Hand movement.
  • No coiling, stretching, or loading is involved in your motion.
  • Your Glove Hand finishes below your belt to prompt your Lower Body to send the ball to your target.

Get one highly coordinated motion  …

  • You discover a Back Knee position to keep your weight back,
  • Your Glove Hand triggers your Lower Body, and
  • Your Lower Body fires the ball to your target with uncanny regularity.

Your eventual results get your glove hand moving ahead of your stride foot.

“Location by choice, not by chance!”

The “In-Person Instruction” costs $50/half-hour session payable in Cash or Venmo.

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