Coach Skip’s Million$ Performance Protection Guarantee


As your partner, I guarantee each coaching session will be of the highest quality and will give you the best cutting-edge content and most successful pitching strategies anywhere.

However, I cannot predict, know, monitor, or guarantee what you will do with the lessons, insights and content learned during your sessions. Therefore, when you use my recommendations you are not guaranteed a Million$ pitching performance every time you take the mound.

I can’t guarantee such outcomes because your results depend on variables and factors outside my control including, but not limited to: your motivation, your diligence and discipline, your mental toughness, your health and fitness, and other factors which neither of us has control over.

No matter the program, I will ask you, multiple times during each Million$ coaching session, if what I present makes sense to you, and will even ask you to demonstrate my Million$ recommendations.

  • If, during your demonstration, your movements show me what I expect to see, I’ll consider my recommendation a success
  • If, at any time, your demonstration fails to show me what I want to see or what I say doesn’t make sense to you, at no additional charge, I’ll spend as much time as needed to resolve your concerns.

Once you have no more questions and your movements are consistent with my recommendations, you can expect …

  • For Single Sessions – To experience more improvement in your first session than you have in the last three months.
  • For Prepaid Programs – To see at least 50% of your pitches travel directly into your target with the speed and ball movement you expect.

Should you fail to experience these results and I’ve been unable to resolve your concerns, I’ll immediately issue a refund.

The simple act of scheduling your next session tells me you wish to continue our Million$ Partnership.

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