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Discover how to hit your target on every pitch!

For $200 147, You Get ...
  • To Email as many Videos as you want,
  • You get a Follow-Up for each Video.
  • Weekly Check-ins.
"Advanced Self-Coaching" gets the job done.
Each segment keeps your body's weight over the base of support created by "Your Starting Position" until "Your Automatic Delivery" sends the ball to your target with uncanny regularity.
  • Your Starting Position.
  • Your Front Leg Lift.
  • Your Glove Hand Separation.
  • Your Automatic Delivery.
Plus your get ...
  • Things to make your motion work,
  • How to warm up, and
  • How to bring your motion to the mound.
These 4-positions/movements get your ball to your target with uncanny regularity.

Coach Skip
Pro Pitching Institute

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