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Without age limitations, skill level restrictions and expensive travel, for 20+ years, our programs have taught Pitchers like you how to free their throwing arm to deliver the pitching results proven to keep a parade of well-trained Hitters from reaching base.

With our Programs, you can expect your pitches to travel directly into your target with the late stage movement and a very deceptive arm action needed to control your Opponents.

Expect Success

Our Programs not only stop your current motion from sidetracking your pitching dreams but make the influential baseball people who see you pitch sit up and take notice.

Our Programs give you the answers you need to:

  • Know how to deliver each pitch directly into your target
  • Change pitch speeds and ball movements with ease
  • Control Every Hitter You Face
  • Use less effort to produce better results
  • Prepare you today to face Big Leaguers tomorrow
  • Attract next-level attention

We Guarantee Results

Should our Programs fail to make you use less effort to produce better results, ask for your money back.



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