Warning for Pitchers and ParentsWe Guarantee Your Fastball Command Gives You A Competitive Edge

Without age limitations, skill level restrictions and expensive travel, to keep a parade of well-trained Hitters from reaching base, our ‘5-stress relievers©’ teach you how to become the Pitcher everyone wants to have on the mound in tight spots.

Expect Success

Our ‘5-stress relievers©’ not only stops the skilled Hitters you face from sidetracking your Big-League pitching dreams but makes the influential baseball people who see you pitch sit up and take notice.

Every “Lower Half Pitching Strategies” gives you the answers you need to:

  • Expect each pitch to travel directly into your target
  • Change pitch speeds and movements with ease
  • Control Every Hitter You Face
  • Achieve your pitching dreams

We Offer a Variety of fastball  command Programs

To cover every pitching need, our "Instant Fastball Command" Programs are offered in Basic, Remote, and In-Person versions and, in each case, we back each plan with the promise that any Pitcher enrolling in any program who uses the 5 skills presented in our “Instant Fastball Command” Program will experience stress-free fastball command or they don’t pay.



  • League Partnership Programs
  • Organization Partnership Programs
  • Team Partnership Programs


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