With 2-simply executed, proprietary hacks, Coach Skip supplies you with the skills that’ll send 7 out of every 10 fastballs directly into your target.

Coach Skip’s instruction gives you an unfair advantage over every Hitter you face as well as every Pitcher competing for the same next level roster spots as you.

Expect Success

Coach Skip’s single leg pitching hacks are the complete opposite of the way mainstream baseball teaches fastball location.

In fact, once you experience what Coach Skip’s pitching hacks have to offer, you’ll immediately understand why 95% of all Pitchers are actually sabotaging their own success by following the unexceptional advice they find on YouTube, online articles, and magazines.

With Coach Skip’s programs, you’ll learn how his pitching hacks will, after 10 pitches, turn your fastball location into an expectation and, in the end, teach you to locate your pitches like an elite Big League Pitcher.

When it comes to fastball location, Coach Skip lets you choose from several fastball location solutions:

  • Basic Video Location Guidance - Coach Skip’s video instruction teaches you how to throw more strikes.
  • A Quick, but Permanent One-on-One Hack - Coach Skip’s One-on-One Hack eliminates the ONE major reason you miss your Catcher’s target.
  • Prospect and MiLB Master Hacks - Coach Skip’s Master Hacks put an end to ANY AND ALL reasons you fail to locate your fastballs.

Success is Guaranteed

Join the 1000’s of Pitchers who use Coach Skip’s single leg pitching hacks to keep their competitive pitching future moving onward and upward!




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