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Coach Skip offers Pitchers the most pitcher-friendly, most effective, and least complicated path to their pitching dreams than any pitching instruction anywhere ... guaranteed!

Only Coach Skip’s Programs Follow the Way Your Body Works

“How” to throw strikes.

Coach Skip’s programs string together a series of movements proven to get their throwing arm to automatically, spontaneously, and repeatedly deliver their pitches into the strike zone.

Through this movement sequence, Coach Skip holds himself accountable for the young Pitcher’s motion, and the young Pitcher holds Coach Skip responsible for helping him throw more strikes.

The “how’s” turn into productive self-talk.

With Coach Skip, young Pitchers discover a special self-talk sequence they understand will deliver their pitches into their strike zone.

These young Pitchers also realize that, when they follow their personal self-talk sequence, the likelihood of a big inning or a walkathon becomes remote.

Sound expense? It’s not and Coach Skip guarantees results.
  • 45/60 Beginner Pitcher (ages 8-11) Programs - Make your Son’s first pitching experiences good ones. Once he’s done with Coach Skip’s 45/60 Beginner Pitcher Pitching Program, everyone will wonder how he does so well.
  • 45/60 Experienced Pitcher (ages 9-12) Programs- Great outings pop up every now and then, but, with Coach Skip’s help, can easily turn into a repeatable expectation.
  • 50/70 All-Star Pitcher (ages 11-13) Programs – Your Son’s competition seems to be a lot better trained than in the past, but, with Coach Skip’s help, his location, deceptive ball speed, and late-stage movement will challenge every Hitter he faces.

Success is Guaranteed

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