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when your front foot strikes the ground ...

  • Your Lower Body drives its energy into your Throwing Arm.
  • As a reaction, your Throwing Arm comes through the same point on every pitch.
  • You change grips and the Hitter thinks fastball, but see something else.

Your ball travels right to the target with uncanny regularity.

With Coach Skip’s programs, you ...

  • Learn to overcome the biggest fastball location killers.
  • No matter your age or skill level, discover simple-to-apply movement patterns guaranteed to speed your progress.
  • Pinpoint your fastball location challenges and eliminate them forever.
  • Turn your brain into a supercomputer that’s guaranteed to bring your throwing arm through the same productive arm slot on every pitch.
  • Avoid wasting your time on things that won’t improve your game.
  • Overcome deeply rooted bad habits.
  • Discover how the tricks Coach Skip teaches are the Holy Grail of elite pitching results.
  • Smoke out how to make their pitching consistent, reliable, and predictable, even on your worst days.
  • Make every aspect of your pitching easier than you ever dreamed could be possible.
By organizing, optimizing, and maximizing your movements, Coach Skip guarantees his Self-Coaching Guide teaches you the Lower Body Torque required to send your pitches directly into your Catcher’s target


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