You naturally maintain your balance.

In 20+ years of coaching Professional, Collegiate, High School, and Intermediate levels …

Your instruction turns into …

  • Lesson 1 – “A balanced Starting Position …”
  • Lesson 2 – “takes you into an equally balanced Front Leg lift.”
  • Lesson 3 – ‘Your Glove Arm movement and …”
  • Lesson 4 – “Throwing Hand position …?
  • Lesson 5 – “keeps your Glove Hand free …

… to get the ball to your target with uncanny regularity!!!”

You miss anything within your Starting Position and produce inconsistent Throwing Arm command.

A Starting Position and Glove Hand Movement are taught as a process.

  • A Process is like going on a trip … one step goes after the other in exact order.

    1. You grab your keys.
    2. You walk to the car.
    3. You unlock the car door.
    4. You get into the car.
    5. You put your key into the ignition.
    6. You turn the key.
    7. The car turns over.
    8. You’re off to your destination.

  • Do you miss any steps and you’re not going to reach your destination?
Command, location, and velocity are designed to demystify pitching and absolutely make it easier for you to become this elite pitcher.

Coach Skip’s pitching process is efficiently executed, extremely repeatable, and remarkably effective… plus they work for beginners, intermediates, and Pros alike!


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