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There's nothing better than the rush of winning a game. The exhilarating sensation of victory is one every well-trained athlete knows well. With Pro Pitching Institute, that feeling can be a constant fixture of your pitching career. We combined our knowledge of pitching and human biology to create an innovative system that delivers winning results. With a little help from our highly skilled instructor, you can step onto the field with pride.

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Improving our pitching strategy is easy with our one-of-a-kind system. Our personalized coaching program even comes with a money-back guarantee.

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Gain a deeper insight into our winning edge. Equipped with a heightened knowledge of natural body motions, we correct and address even small mistakes.

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Enhance your pitching skills from nearby or afar with our various program options. For your convenience, we offer both online and in-person instructional programs.

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Boost your pitching ability today.

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When it comes to athletics, it's easy to get frustrated with what your body won't do. At Pro Pitching Institute, we aim to eliminate that frustration. With 25 years of experience, we analyze your motion and fix it for you. Operated by an eagle-eyed instructor, we can spot pitching problems that often go unnoticed. We use root cause analysis to create a practical approach to pitching issues. We work with your body's natural motion—not against it—to develop a competitive release point. Our ultimate goal is to help you get the ball to the target with the utmost ease.

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