Why do younger Pitchers have so much trouble throwing strikes?

Simple … no one teaches them “how to” throw strikes.

Instead, young Pitchers are bombarded with People, Coaches, Dads, and YouTube videos that never say anything about “how to” throw strikes.

When a young Pitcher is presented with a “hey, you need to do this” comment, the young Pitcher understands the intent, understands what’s expected of them, but without the “how-to”, the Pitcher, his Parents, the Coach, the Team can’t expect to see younger Pitchers throw more strikes any time soon!

How Coach Skip teaches pitching

With Coach Skip, a young Pitcher’s instruction sounds like (1) move a particular body part (2) in a specific direction.

No matter their age, Pitchers instantly understand what’s expected and how to perform the critical skills they need to throw more strikes.

Once Coach Skip strings these movements together in the right order, every Pitcher can expect to become a strike-throwing machine.

With the right verbal cues, young Pitchers can expect more pitches to end up in the strike zone.

Coach Skip’s diamond is the first step to magically throwing more strikes

Test drive Coach Skip’s magical diamond …

First, think about your foot placements …

– Pitch from the stretch, and position your feet one baseball width apart,

Next, think “arch” …

– Stand straight, then “arch” your back and, as you arch your back, let your knees float away from each other.
Your Body’s Reaction – When done properly, your legs form a diamond.

And, as a bonus, think “back”.

– Move your hands “back” to the area near your back shoulder.

Your Body’s Reaction – To spot check everything you’ve done, the minute your feet are “one baseball width” apart and you have a proper diamond, as you move your hands “back”, you feel most of your weight drift over your back foot. Should this not be the case, revisit your foot placements and your back’s arch.

From this point on, always replace “relax and have a catch” with “one baseball width”, “arch” and “back”.

Coach Skip gives Pitchers the Courage to pursue their Pitching dreams!

4-easily executed movements stand between you and your pitching dreams

Combine your magical diamond with the 4-simply executed movements Coach Skip teaches and you’re guaranteed to advance your pitching results from just throwing strikes to confidently spotting your pitches within the strike zone.

Armed with these 4-movement patterns, you can  …

  • Expect your pitches to regularly travel into your intended target,
  • Truly maximize your throwing arm speed,
  • No matter the pitch called, use your fastball arm speed to keep your Opponent guessing about ball speed, and
  • Produce the late-stage ball movement …

… that, even when you unexpectedly miss your target, will challenge the absolute best hitters to make solid contact with your pitches.

Now that you’re familiar with Coach Skip, there’s no reason to let these 4-simply executed movements steal your pitching dreams!