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Coach Skip’s advice is so simple to execute, so easy to repeat, and so incredibly effective that, by the end of every session, you’re guaranteed to walk away a better Pitcher.


Holes in your results or your motion will arise – and if you let them, grow into the bad habits that produce chronic pitching problems.

With Coach Skip’s programs being as close as your digital device, he removes every reason that these frustrating and embarrassing ruts ever happen.

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Coach Skip has sparked a global phenomenon where his skills are becoming the standard teaching protocol, not the exception.

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“How to Throw Strikes” Training Video

This exclusive, world-class, 3-minute training video can’t be found on YouTube, in any book or on any other website, but the basic fastball location secrets contained in this video will give you a simple, step-by-step format for throwing more strikes. This video gives you your first taste of a pitching future where, when you apply the simply executed skills contained in this video, throwing strikes become an expectation.
- $30 for 30 days of access to this exceptional video

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Unlimited Video Response Instruction

With this program, you post your pitching motion videos as you like to Coach Skip’s Facebook Messenger. Every time Coach Skip gets an upload notification he sends you a personalized adjustment(s) guaranteed to close the gap between what you want and what you see. As your adjustments become more specific and more personal, you can expect your results to get better and better.
- Unlimited Uploads for as little as $25/month

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One-on-One In-Person/Virtual Instruction

No matter whether it’s an in-person or a virtually driven session, no matter your age or skill level, if you want some remarkably simple and very personal adjustments guaranteed to close the gap between what you want to see and what you actually see, then show Coach Skip your pitching motion and he’ll give you specific ways to reduce your gap and instantly get more of your pitches end up where you want with the movement you expect.
- One-on-One Sessions for as little as $25/virtual session

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Complete Pro Pitcher's Pitching Package

Take a critical look at your pitching results. When you see your Catcher continually move his glove to receive your pitches, it’s a sure sign there’s a gap between what you see and what your Organization wants to see. Either accept your situation, “try” to teach yourself how to locate your pitches, and “hope” your command is good enough to face Big League Hitter or ask Coach Skip to teach you how to show your Organization you have what it takes to challenge Big League Hitters.
- Pitch Location Enhancements for $120/baseball season

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