Our Programs Set You Up for Success

Experience Breakthrough Pitching Results

No matter your age or skill level, whether you’re a Pitcher, Parent or Coach, our Programs eliminate the chance you waste another outing trying to find the strike zone.

Instead, even a bare bones version of any Program frees your throwing arm to send more pitches closer to your target more consistently than ever.

Use your results to measure our instruction

When you use the skills we teach, you can expect to use less effort to produce better results or, unlike any other pitching program anywhere, you can ask for your money back.

Throw-More-Strikes Video Instruction

For 30-days, this video gives Parents and Self-Taught Pitchers access to the easy-to-follow pitching skills their Sons/they need to instantly stop using their throwing arm for balance. Once armed with these skills, Parents and Self-Taught Pitchers can expect their Sons/themselves to deliver more pitches into the strike zone, their games to be less stressful and to see their Son/themselves keep their Teams close enough to win more games.

Cost: Special Pandemic  Pricing ... $100 $20 for 30-day access to this dynamic video

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Personal On-Line Pitching Academies

With this cutting-edge, on-line training program, from the comfort of your home, local diamond, or your local training facility and at your convenience, you discover the same world-class, one-on-one pitching guidance our in-person Pitchers receive. For 5-consecutive days, without any expensive travel, you use these readily available on-line tools to unwrap what you need to do to dominate the Hitters you face, and, more importantly, how to bring these skills to the mound every time you take the ball.

Cost: Special Pandemic  Pricing ... $175 without the expensive travel

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In-Person Pitching Instruction

No matter your age or skill level, Skip uses acceptable social distancing practices to teach any Pitcher willing to travel to Pitman, NJ (15-minutes east of Philadelphia) how to immediately and permanently use their current throwing action to send 50% or more of their pitches directly into their Catcher’s target. Just to clarify, we’re not talking about 50% strikes, we’re talking about 50% or more of your pitches traveling directly into your target.

Cost: Special Pandemic  Pricing ... $50 $35 per half hour, semi-private session,

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