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Ordinary Pitching Plans

Every Pitcher/Pitching Parent who lands on this page is following a pitching plan where, when you take a critical look at your pitching motion, you notice your throwing action pulls your back hip forward.

Understanding what’s happening here is critical to your success on the mound.

Why does your pitch location suffer?
The drag from your back leg makes your throwing hand release window much less predictable.

Your best outings come from finding a productive stride tempo, but, sadly, having back-to-back good outings are few and far between.

Consequently, you come into every outing hoping you find the right stride timing.

News alert … hope is not a good success plan!

Coach Skip’s World-recognized Pitching Plan

As Hitters become better trained and more patient, your pitching competency boils down to understanding how to reverse your current back hip/throwing action sequence and get your back hip to pull your throwing arm into release.

Your naturally productive release window lets your body automatically locate your pitches, and, consequently, keep the best hitters from making solid contact with any pitch you throw.

Why does Coach Skip’s pitching plan work so well for all Pitchers?
No matter your age or current skill level, Coach Skip teaches you a simple movement sequence into your starting position, then uses a very repeatable arm movement to get your lower body to regularly send your pitches directly into your target.

When you ask for Coach Skip’s help, you receive a pitching plan that has sparked a global phenomenon where Coach Skip’s lower body initiating protocols are becoming the standard, not the exception.

Coach Skip’s pitching plan is where a young Pitcher’s unlimited potential finds a home.

Coach Skip’s Plan comes with a money-back guarantee.

Coach Skip’s easy-to-execute pitching plan is guaranteed to use a young Pitcher’s natural throwing action to get them to magically deliver more pitches into the strike zone.

In the unlikely event these things fail to happen, you simply let Coach Skip know and he’ll refund your enrollment … No questions… No hassles… and no hard feelings.

45/60 Beginner Pitcher (ages 8-11) Pitching Programs

Coach Skip’s “45/60 Beginner Pitcher Program” uses simple “move your feet/arms in this direction in this order” instruction as a fun way for first-time Pitchers to become more competitive sooner than anyone dreamed possible.

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45/60 Experienced Pitchers (ages 9-12) Pitching Programs

Coach Skip’s "45/60 Experienced Pitcher Pitching Program" teaches Pitchers with some pitching experience and wanting to pitch at higher levels how to prepare them for all the challenges that are ahead.

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50/70 All-Star (ages 11-13) Pitching Programs

Coach Skip’s "50/70 All-Star Pitching Program" teaches Pitchers needing more competitive results how to free their lower body to keep the better trained hiiters they face from making solid contact with their pitches.

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60/90 Stretching Out (ages 12-14) Pitching Programs

With Coach Skip’s “60/90 Stretching Out Pitching Program’, Coach Skip helps Pitchers transitioning from a shorter mound to a 60’ mound to seamlessly match the results they had at the shorter distances on a regulation diamond.

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