Coach Skip’s Million$ Partnerships Set You Up for Success

Even though you have the physical skills needed to excel, your outings fail to match your Million$ potential.

Coach Skip’s Million$ Partnerships trigger the exhilaration of knowing you can easily use your physical skills to keep your Opponents guessing about ball speed and movement.

If you’re truly driven to become a well-rounded, battle tested Million$ Performer, Coach Skip’s Million$ Partnerships will use what you already do well to produce the Million$ results you need to stand out!

Breakthrough Million$ Pitching Results

From Coach Skip’s experience, any exposure to his Million$ Partnerships bring you closer to your Million$ potential in less time than any other pitching program anywhere.

If you’re truly driven to realize your Million$ potential, you owe it to yourself to become Coach Skip’s Million$ Partner.

Million$ Pitching Sessions

Your Million$ Pitching Session with Coach Skip uses video chats or in-person sessions to give Pitchers, Dads and Volunteer Coaches extremely specific ways to achieve more improvement than they’d see in the 3 months working on their own.

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Prepaid Million$ Pitching Plan

Your Million$ Prepaid Pitching Plan uses weekly video chats or in-person sessions to use your current throwing action to systematically maximize your fastball arm speed, ball movement and pitching location.

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Million$ Coach’s Certification

Your Million$ Coach Certification is an on-the-field learning experience that teaches you to recognize how a Pitcher’s physical reactions predict their pitching future and how to use these reactions to turn every Student into Million$ Pitching Prospects.

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