Currently, before you make any change permanent, you go through a time-consuming process. You begin by considering how the adjustment feels, you see how repeatable the change is and, finally, you wait to see whether the change dominates more Hitters than in the past. Sadly, if the change doesn’t check all the boxes, you’ve wasted your precious time and end up back on square one.

"Your Pitch Location Success Plan©" eliminates the chance you waste another second of your already too short pitching career. The instant you introduce even a bare bones version of "Your Pitch Location Success Plan©" into your motion, you experience immediate improvement.

  • Your throwing arm takes a more predictable path into r
  • More pitches travel directly into your target.
  • Your later stage ball movement and more deceptive change of speed combine to make it extremely difficult for even the best Hitters to make solid contact with your pitches.

You use "Your Pitch Location Success Plan©" enrollment to challenge us to fine tune your pitch location. Once your motion shows the recommendations outlined within "Your Pitch Location Success Plan©" and your results fail to meet your expectations, we will refund your subscription.

"Your Basic Pitch Location Success Plan©"

"Your Basic Pitch Location Success Plan©", 30-day access to our proprietary video is ideally suited for Little Leaguers and for parents who want to make sure their kid’s interest in pitching is more than just a passing whim. This Video Pitching Plan is excellent for Pitchers still searching to find the strike zone or Pitchers who just want a cost-effective way to taste the power of our "Pitch Location Success Plans©".

Cost: 30-day subscription for $100 $40
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"Your Personal Pitch Location Success Plan©"

For 2-months, we use your pitching motion video to personalize your pitching instruction. At the same time, before they have a chance to creep into your motion, we eliminate the disruptive actions known to skew your pitch location. With "Your Personal Pitch Location Success Plan©", you can expect to walk away with a competitive motion built to keep your pitching dreams in place.

Cost: $240 $120… $120 $60/month for 2 months.
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"Your In-Person Pitch Location Success Plan©"

"Your In-Person Pitch Location Success Plan©" gives Pitchers who travel to a Pitman, NJ location (15-minutes east of Philadelphia) one-on-one time with Skip where he uses acceptable social distancing practices to rapidly develop the pitch location known to challenge the very best Hitters to drive their pitches.

Cost: $50 per half hour, semi-private session
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