Trying is Stressful. Doing is Fun. Start Having Fun!

Experience Breakthrough Pitching Results

A Pitcher typically goes through a time-consuming process of trying to improve his results. Sadly, if the change doesn’t check all the boxes, the Pitcher tries another way to improve his results. This process is stressful, time consuming and not a lot of fun.

Our ‘5-stress relievers©’ eliminate the chance any Pitcher wastes another second of his already too short pitching career trying to engage his lower body. The instant a Pitcher introduces even a bare bones version of our ‘5-stress relievers©’ into his motion, he experiences immediate improvement and starts having fun.

When a Pitcher subscribes to any “Stress-Free Fastball Command Plan” program, he has every right to expect us to get his fastballs to travel directly into his target. Have comfort that, when a Pitcher’s motion shows our ‘5-stress relievers©’ and he feels his fastball results haven’t improved, he can ask us to refund his subscription.

“Basic Stress-Free Fastball Command Plan"

For 30-days, you use our easy-to-follow, instructional video to discover the fundamental stress relievers that’ll improve your ball-to-strike ratio. This Plan is ideally suited for younger Pitchers and parents who want to make sure their kid’s interest in pitching is more than just a passing whim. This Plan is also excellent for Pitchers still searching to find the strike zone or Pitchers who just want a cost-effective way to taste the power of our ‘5-stress relievers©’.

Cost: 30-day subscription for $100 $40
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Remote “Stress-Free Fastball Command Plan”

A Remote “Stress-Free Fastball Command Plan” enrollment comes in three parts. First, you use a basic video as the foundation for your ‘5-stress relievers©’. Next, when you feel ready, you use our video upload link to send us your pitching motion video.  We let your pitching motion videos tell us how to reinforce your ‘5-stress relievers©’. Finally, you continue to send videos, and, for each video, we give you immediate fixes to any alarming pitching trends you bring to our attention.

Cost: 2-month subscription for $240 $120… $60 now and $60 in 30 days.
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In-Person “Stress-Free Fastball Command Plan”

An In-Person “Stress-Free Fastball Command Plan” gives Pitchers who travel to a Pitman, NJ location (15-minutes east of Philadelphia) one-on-one time with Skip. He uses acceptable social distancing practices to develop the ‘5-stress relievers©’ that’ll challenge the absolute best Hitters to make solid contact with his pitches and, as a result, make pitching more fun.

Cost: $50 per half hour, semi-private session
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