Coach Skip’s secret fastball pitch location training hack.

Coach Skip’s single leg pitching hacks teach the secrets of being perched on one leg, having your body think both feet are on the ground, and tricking your mind into using your lower body to send your fastballs directly into your Catcher’s target.

Coach Skip’s hacks simultaneously plugs the major sources of your location struggles while saving you years of wasted effort.

Coach Skip’s outside-the-box solutions not only repair the 4 fastball location killers that are holding you back, but they make your motion much simpler, more repeatable, and incredibly competitive.


Holes in your fastball location will arise – and if you let them, grow into the bad habits that produce chronic fastball location problems.

With Coach Skip, you can be sure his single leg pitching hacks will never put you in these frustrating and embarrassing ruts again.

Experience the Future Today!

Coach Skip has sparked a global phenomenon where his single leg pitching hacks are becoming the standard fastball location teaching protocol, not the exception.

When you ask for Coach Skip’s help, you experience the highest quality, best cutting-edge content, and most successful pitching strategies available anywhere.

“Winning Pitch Location Strategy©” Video

This exclusive, world-class video training can’t be found on YouTube, in any book or on any other website, but the basic fastball pitch location secrets contained in this video will give you a simple, step-by-step format for throwing more strikes. This video gives you your first taste of a pitching future where, when you apply the simply executed skills contained in this video, throwing strikes become the expectation.

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One-on-One Pitching Hack

Coach Skip uses your video chat or in-person sessions to see why so many of your fastballs fail to travel into your target. Once Coach Skip determines the major cause for your problematic fastball location, he gives you a specific hack proven to simply and permanently force you to use less effort to get more fastballs to travel directly into your Catcher’s target.

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Pitching Prospect Master Hacks

Your weekly video chats with Coach Skip drives your fastball location. Your sessions either revolve around real time video feeds or address videos you send in advance. In each case, Coach Skip  teaches you how to systematically replace every reason your fastball misses your target with a proven pitching hack. Right away, you’ll marvel at how much easier it becomes to deliver your fastballs directly into your Catcher’s target!

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MiLB Master Hacks

Take a critical look at your Club’s bullpen results. When you see too many Pitchers missing their intended target too often, it’s a sign your Pitching Coaches aren’t going to teach you fastball location. The instant you realize your Club isn’t teaching fastball location you have a decision to make. Either accept your situation and try to teach yourself fastball location or ask Coach Skip to teach you the fastball location hacks that’ll attract MLB consideration.

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