Some coaches might not analyze mechanics deeply enough.

Your Foot Strike stops your motion for a second.

They might rely on how a pitcher's motion looks superficially, rather than analyzing the underlying mechanics.

These coaches might not ask critical questions about why a pitcher is struggling.

If coaches don't analyze mechanics properly, they might miss key flaws that hinder performance.

  • A common, undiagnosed issue is a lack of lower body engagement, which can limit power and location.
  • Pitchers with underlying mechanical problems might also struggle with velocity.

Online resources offer a more analytical approach to pitching mechanics.

  • Detailed examination of a pitcher's motion, potentially revealing issues invisible to the naked eye.
  • Online instruction emphasizes identifying and addressing the underlying reasons behind pitching problems, like a lack of lower body engagement.

Overall ...

  • Their analysis effectively highlights the potential strengths and weaknesses of both traditional and online pitching instruction.
  • The effectiveness of some traditional coaching methods suggests that online pitching instruction can provide a more thorough analysis of mechanics, leading to better results.



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