current coach

your current instructor does not know how to teach lower body engagement.

You're forever fighting to make your Lower Body engage, but you never quite get there!

Your Current Instructor doesn't know how to use your Initial Position to drive your Lower Body.

Your Current Instructor makes arbitrary adjustments to your motion.  Each change brings new issues. The new issues bring you back to another issue. Eventually, you're back to where you started!

If you’re like most Pitchers, you have followed all the advice you see on YouTube, online articles, magazines, or even in-person sessions with other Coaches, and you still can't get the ball to hit your target!

Your current Instructor’s focus remains on your motion, not your lower body. 

It'll take your Current Instructor years to find the right combination of movements.
  • Shifts in your weight cause your Throwing Arm to be used for balance,
  • Your delivery area is expanded, and
  • Your ball ends up in your target area, not in the Glove.

Your Current Coach needs the knowledge to make your throwing action into a single simultaneous action.

only Coach Skip and the Pro Pitching Institute offer LOWER BODY engagement!!!