In-Person Pitching Instruction in South Jersey

Your “Online coaching program”!!!

For $120 $50 per session, you get everything.

Your “Online Coaching Program” is “In-Person Instruction” over the miles.

Session One.
  • You send Coach Skip Fast a $50 payment, a pitching motion video, and a video appointment.
    • Your Pitching Motion Video Instructions.
      • The video is with the cameraman’s back to the corner base.
      • The cameraman is no farther than the corner base away.
      • Your body moves from the back to the front of the screen.
  • During a video call, you tell Coach Skip about yourself, your goals, and your pitch.
  • Next, based on your pitching video, you’ll hear about the mechanics you need to change in your motion.
    • Within 24 hours of the call, you receive an overview of what you must accomplish for the next session and your homework.
      • The pictures you receive will tell you the balanced positions to go through and lead to homework.
      • Homework to be done 25 times a day involves the same mechanics discussed.
        • The Pitchers who religiously do their homework are the Pitchers who do well in the program.
  • Talk to Coach Skip Fast for instruction above and beyond your Son’s Starting Position.
Session Two (At Least One Week After Your First Session).
  • At least one week after your prior session,  you prepare and send a video for your next session.
  • Again, Coach Skip tells you what mechanics you need to resolve or,  as long as everything is accomplished, new mechanics to add.
  • Related homework to be done 25 times a day is given.
  • It’s time for your “Two Week Video Phone.”
Session Three (At Least One Week After Your Second Session) Plus.
  • You schedule a video call to recap your progress and talk about anything pitching-related that comes to mind.
  • Every week is the same as Week Two.
Your “Online Coaching Program” In-Person Sessions in South Jersey I Have a Question?

You need an “Online Coaching Program” when …

  • You’re unskilled in keeping your glove hand ahead of your front foot,
  • You’re incapable of delivering the ball from in front of your head?
  • You’re focused on velocity, accuracy, or injury prevention.

The “Online Coaching Program” offers …

  • In-depth pictures get you into a balanced position
  • The pictures turn into the daily, personalized drills to do, and
  • A quick conversion to great location and velocity.

More Information.

You can improve your velocity and location to be the pitcher you dreamed of!

“Velocity and Location by Choice, Not by Chance!”

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