Coach Skip Fast, a 25+ year Pitching Coach, realized …

Stop hoping your ball goes into your target.

how to develop a sustainable and effective pitching motion.

pitchers who struggle with accuracy.

  • The Solution: Location emphasizes using the glove arm to activate the lower body, creating a more efficient and powerful throwing motion.
    • Pitchers Develop Stronger Mechanics: Building a strong foundation early on reduces the risk of bad habits and injuries later.
    • Pitchers Throw with More Control: Motions lead to more consistency and accurate throws.
    • Pitchers Increase Potential Velocity: Engaging the lower body allows pitchers to develop more power in their throws while getting the ball to their target.
  • Focus on Efficiency: The program avoids unnecessary arm movements, focusing on a more efficient power transfer from the lower body to the throw.
Pitchers (and their parents or coaches) emphasize the importance of learning proper mechanics to develop a successful and healthy pitching career.

your “online self-coaching sessions”!

YOU focus ON 3 balanced positions AND ONE ACTION.

  • One Position, Your Starting Position: You get into a Starting Position having your weight balanced over your Back Foot.
  • Second Position, Your Front Leg Lift: You get into a Front Leg Lift where you balance your starting position.
  • Third Position, Hand Separation: Your Hand Separation maintains your balance and prepares you for your throwing action.
  • ONE ACTION, Your Throwing Action: A Glove Hand movement delivers the ball to your target.

… and

Each precise function is taught as a Position.

  • Your Lower Body fires the ball to your target with uncanny regularity.
  • To prompt your Lower Body to send the ball to your target, your Glove Hand finishes below your belt.
  • The ONLY action is a specific Glove Hand movement.

Your eventual results always get your glove hand ahead of your stride foot.

For $200 147, You Get …
  • To Email as many Videos as you want,
  • You get a Follow-Up for each Video.
  • Weekly Check-ins.
The program lasts for 1 month and Re-Enrollment is Allowed.
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