Coach Skip’s Collegiate Connection

Coach Skip’s Collegiate Connection connects Pitchers who work with Coach Skip for 5 in-person training sessions with Collegiate Baseball Programs looking for quality pitching.

  • Just the way Coach Skip prepares his Minor League Clients to face Big League Hitters, you discover lower body engagement, uncanny pitch location, and know-how needed to keep Opponents guessing about ball movement and speed,
  • You develop the confidence Coach Skip knows will serve you well at the collegiate level and he sends his personal recommendation to 4-Collegiate Coaches who, within 2-weeks of your 5th pitching session, have indicated they’re looking for quality Pitchers, and
  • Once Coach Skip opens this door for you, you walk through.

Coach Skip’s Collegiate Connection is Win-Win-Win

  • You win … You develop an understanding of how to produce better more often.
  • You win … You connect with a Collegiate Coach looking for the skills you have to offer.
  • You win … You go from “hoping” your showcase attendance attracts attention to connecting with a Coach “hoping” someone like you gets in touch with him.

Within the last week, Coach Skip had an opportunity to connect Pitchers with the Head Coaches from these Schools  …

  • D1 School in Alabama
  • D2 School in Florida
  • D2 School in Ohio
  • NAIA School in North Carolina
  • NAIA School in Montana
  • D3 School in New Jersey
  • D3 School in Minnesota
  • D3 School in Massachusetts
  • D3 School in New York
  • D3 School in Pennsylvania
To take the frustration out of the recruiting process, become a “Coach Skip” coached Pitcher.

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