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Lower Body Engagement is Instinctive

Your right-side brain.

  • Your right-side brain uses your left-brain driven front leg lift to determine how you end your stride.
  • Your right-brain reacts and is the more athletic side of your brain. 

Your left-side brain.

  • Your left brain controls your movements into your front leg lift.
  • Your left-side brain acts and is not nearly as athletic as your right-side brain.

Properly synchronize your left and right-side brains and you give yourself everything needed to engage your lower body.

Your front leg lift determines your lower body engagement.

Lower Body Engagement: When you end your front leg lift with your weight centered between your knees, your right-side brain uses your lower body to send your pitches directly into your target.

Searching for Lower Body Engagement; When you end your front leg lift with your weight over or well in front of your back foot, you’re forced to make the split-second, neurologically impossible arm slot adjustments that you hope are good enough to send your pitches directly into your target.

Cater to Your Right-Side Brain 

Well-planned left-brain actions into your front leg lift forces your right-brain to use your lower body to get your pitches to travel directly into your target. Do this and you find yourself challenging the best trained Hitters to make solid contact with any pitch you throw.

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