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95% of All Pitchers Can’t Engage Their Lower Body


Pro Pitching Institute is one of the top 100 baseball blogs on the Internet.If you’re a Pitcher who fails to precisely manage your front leg lift, you make it physically impossible for you to get your lower body to catapult your fastballs directly into your intended target.

Want Proof?

  1. Both feet on the ground. Stand on the ground and try to rotate your Shoulders. Your Shoulders won’t move unless or until your Hips move.
  2. One foot on the ground. Stand on one foot and try to spin your Hips. You can’t move your Hips without first moving your Shoulders.

The Pitching Contradiction

Each motion begins with one foot touching the ground. From one foot, your shoulders move your hips.

Here’s the contradiction … To engage your lower body, while perched on one foot, your body must believe and act like both feet are on the ground.

Coach Skip’s Essential Pitching Hacks Resolve this Contradiction!

When Coach Skip teaches you his essential hacks, even though your body is perched on one foot, he forces your body to believe and act as if your front leg lift has both feet on the ground. From there, he teaches you how to trick your body to use your hips to drive your fastballs directly into your intended target.

Want your lower body to drive your results? Coach Skip is here to help you with your struggles.

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