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Work Smart, Not Hard

It’s physically impossible to stop a Pitcher’s self-corrections, but it is possible to manage them. #elitebychoicePro Pitching Institute is one of the top 100 baseball blogs on the Internet.


During a pitching motion, every time a Pitcher shifts his weight his body will self-correct and every self-correction will change his throwing arm path.

It’s physically impossible to stop a Pitcher’s self-corrections, but it is possible to manage them.

A Pitcher Works Hard When His Self-Corrections Manage Him

A Pitcher who works hard is trying to figure out a weight shift pattern that’ll take his throwing arm through the same path on every pitch.

On an outing by outing basis, a Pitcher eventually finds a productive arm slot, but, since there’s no way to duplicate this feeling from one outing to the next, dominant back-to-back outings become few and far between.

A Pitcher Works Smart When He Manages His Self-Corrections

A Pitcher who works smart works with someone who’s trained to make his throwing action his only self-correction. By doing this, his throwing arm comes through the same path on every pitch, and he can expect his pitches to travel directly into his target.

A Pitcher who uses his throwing action as his only self-correction turns his pitching results into a repeatable physical reaction.

With the Right Coach, a Pitcher Manages His Weight Shifts

The right self-corrections at the right time lead to pitches traveling directly into a Pitcher’s intended target. To the trained eye, a Coach uses a Pitcher’s disruptive weight shift patterns as a tool to make the Pitcher’s only self-correction his throwing action.

Our programs instantly spot disruptive throwing arm self-corrections. Instead of working hard, we give the Pitcher a simply executed and amazingly effective way to permanently change his movement patterns, and, by doing so, transition a throwing arm self-correction into a  desired, lower body-prompted, throwing action self-correction.

Not satisfied with your results. Let’s talk.

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“Lower Body Driven by Choice, Not Chance”

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The “Law of Self-Correction©” Drives Your Lower Half Involvement

Pro Pitching Institute

After 25+ years of working with Pitchers, an “ah-ha” moment produced one simple, all-inclusive statement that tells us how to teach ALL Pitchers to get their lower body to drive their results.

The “Law of Self-Correction©
A Pitcher’s lower body engagement is dictated by the way his body self-corrects his weight distribution.

Everyone “Self-Corrects” Every Second of the Day
When an Individual experiences a weight shift, their body is built to “self-correct”. Some “self-corrections” are extremely subtle, but, when a weight shift is more extreme, a Person’s arms seemingly take on a life of their own.

A Person loses control of their arms when they walk a balance beam, walk on slick ice, steer a bike over a mountain trail, step on a pebble with your bare foot, take a bad step, walk a tightrope, etc.

By applying the “Law of Self-Correction©” to tens of thousands of pitching motions over many years, we trust the “Law of Self-Correction©” to tell us how to get a Pitcher’s lower body to optimize his pitch location, and, in the process, put him in a position to ace any statistical benchmark anyone wants to throw his way.

Lower Body Engagement is Certain

The “Law of Self-Correction©” uses a Pitcher’s hand separation/stride sequence to predict and resolve his lower body engagement.

  • Lower Body Disconnects. A Pitcher staggering his stride and hand separation uses his throwing arm path to “self-correct” his stride and effectively disconnects his upper from his lower body. 
  • Lower Body Engagement. A Pitcher separating his hands at the same time he begins his stride uses his throwing action to “self-correct” his weight distribution and, by doing so, guarantees his lower body produces Big League-like results.

The “Law of Self-Correction©” supplies the insights needed to transition a staggered hand separation/stride, lower body disconnect into a simultaneous hand separations/stride, lower body driven motion.

We GUARANTEE Lower Body Involvement

 “Lower Half Pitching Program” Pitcher  uses his videos, pitch location and personal expectations to measure his lower body engagement. When a Pitcher feels his lower body isn’t driving his results and he shows he uses our recommendations, he can ask for his money back.

The Power of Our Programs

After registering an 8.22 ERA over 7.2 innings during his first-ever Big-League call up, a first-round draft pick asked us to help him with his pitch location. Once we helped him better engage his lower body, in his next call up, he started 22 Big-League games while posting a 5.08 ERA over 117 innings.

We put the “Law of Self-Correction” to work for you. Find out more.

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Why Do Elite Pitchers Outperform Everyone Else?

Pro Pitching Institute Pro Pitching Institute is one of the top 100 baseball blogs on the Internet.

There are two categories of Pitchers in the World.

There are …

  1. The Elite Big-League Pitcher who can expect their pitches to travel directly into their target.
  2. Everyone else.

What do Elite Pitchers do that others don’t?

Watch any elite Big-League Pitcher and you see a Pitcher who begins their hand separation at the same time they begin their stride.

Why does this happen? When your hand separation occurs at the same time you stride, you allow your lower body to produce the Big-League fastball command needed to challenge Big-League Hitters to reach base.

What does Everyone Else do?

Watch any Pitcher who begins their stride then separates their hands and you’re watching a Pitcher who can’t establish their fastball.

Why does this happen? When you stride out of your front leg lift, you naturally use your throwing arm to offset your forward weight shift. When you see your hands separating after you begin your stride, you know you’re using your throwing arm for balance, you’re forcing your throwing arm to always catch up with your body and, consequently you can’t know with any certainty where any one pitch will end up.

Become an Elite Pitcher.

We teach Pitchers how to separate their hands at the same time they stride. As a result, they can expect to deliver their pitches directly into their target and, consequently, keep their Team close enough to win each game they pitch.

Want to know more? Let’s talk.

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Baseball Pitching Predicament Becomes Your Dilemma

Pro Pitching Institute Teaches Big-League Pitch LocationPro Pitching Institute is one of the top 100 baseball blogs on the Internet.

As a Pitcher, you mistakenly grow up thinking velocity, not pitch location, is your ticket to your Big-League pitching dreams.

By the time you realize Big-League Hitters are better equipped to drive your mistakes than you’re equipped to hit your spots, it might be too late to change the course of your pitching career.

How does Baseball deal with this disparity?

Professional Organizations invite Lower-Level Pitchers with the best “feel” for their pitch location to fill their Big-League openings.

When these Lower-Level Pitchers test their skill against Big-League Hitters, the Pitcher can only “hope” to keep their pitches out of the Big-League Hitters hitting zone.

Unfortunately, a “feel” for the strike zone is something that’s very personal and, consequently, isn’t teachable.

Therefore, the Lower-Level Pitchers who get a chance to pitch in the Bigs rarely live their Big-League dreams for long.

We build pitching futures.

Our “Pitch Location Success Plans©  …

  • Shows you how to turn your “feel” for the strike zone into the expectation that your pitches will travel directly into your target
  • No matter your age or skill level, teaches you how to discourage Hitters from driving your pitches.
  • Gives you the opportunity to move up the Baseball Ladder smoothly and seamlessly.

Want the skills needed to live your pitching dreams? Visit the Pro Pitching Institute.

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