Proper Back Knee Positioning Promotes Location

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Proper back knee positioning contributes to better balance, body control, and ultimately, a more accurate throw.

Improper Back Knee Position

When your back knee is ahead of or directly over your back foot, you disrupt your weight distribution and your body to tilts.

To adjust your body’s position mid-throw and regain balance, you change your head position as you lift your front leg.

Your tilts disrupt coordination between your upper and lower body.

You lose control of your glove work and lower body movement, and your lower body can’t contribute efficiently to the throw.

You end up relying solely on your throwing arm to deliver the ball which leads to less power and accuracy.

Proper Back Knee Position

With your back knee is positioned slightly to the second base side of your back foot, your weight distribution remains centered, your body remains balanced, and you prevent tilting.

Your glove hand is in a ready position to initiate movement and the energy from your lower body through your core and into your throwing arm.

Your efficient power transfer allows your lower body to effectively pull your throwing arm into the throwing motion, facilitates a proper back knee position, and leads to more accurate throws.

Consistent mechanics translate to throws that hit your target with uncanny regularity.

Getting Your Proper Back Knee Position

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