Foot Positioning Promotes Location

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The front foot is critical in achieving consistent location in your throws.

Improper Timing

Starting with your front foot too far forward ahead of your hip means, to compensate with an exaggerated stride to shift your weight forward, you disrupt the throwing rhythm and make it challenging to locate the pitch.

Better Direction

A balanced stance, having your front foot even with your back foot at the start, allows you to initiate the throw with even weight distribution and leads to better control over the ball’s direction.

The Glove Hand Connection

The glove hand staying back creates tension and builds up potential energy.

With your front foot balanced, your glove hand allows for a smooth transfer of energy from the lower body through the core and into the throwing arm, resulting in a more controlled and accurate throw.

Balance is Key

A balanced stance with your front foot, even with your back foot, allows for a smooth weight transfer, proper timing with the glove hand movement, and ultimately, greater control over the throwing motion.

Your movement translates to the ball consistently reaching your target with pinpoint accuracy.

Getting Your Proper Back Knee Position

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