Proper Footwork Promotes Location

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Two different footwork approaches in throwing mechanics highlight the importance of proper footwork for efficient power transfer and accuracy.

Wide Front Foot Drawbacks

Your front foot wider than your shoulders leads to your back knee being directly over or in front of your back foot.

When you lift your front foot for the throw, your unbalanced weight ends up over your back foot.

Balance is regained only when your front foot hits the ground, but your throwing arm is already isolated and acting alone to deliver the ball.

Your lack of connection with your lower body means you lose the benefit of efficient power transfer, and the target area expands significantly.

Back Knee Behind Back Foot Benefits

Starting with your heels together and your knees bent position your back knee behind your back foot.

When you lift your front foot for the throw, your leg movement positions your front foot to the home plate side of your front hip.

Your lower body movement through your front leg lift prompts your glove arm to initiate the throwing action.

The coordinated movement between your lower body and glove arm leads to throws that hit your target with uncanny regularity.

Getting Your Glove Hand Involved

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