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Suspect Shoulder Alignment

Your Shoulders must stay close to guide your baseball to your target.

When you Stride too far, your Starting Position causes your Body to land with your Shoulders open.

When your Stride ends up short, your Starting Position causes your Shoulders to close, and your ball misses your target.

Your exact Stride length guides the ball around your target.

Superior Head Control

However, when your Starting Position prompts your Glove Hand to fire your Foot Strike, your Head guides the ball’s location.

Your Glove Hand engages your Lower Body and pulls your Throwing Hand to send the ball to your target.

Your Head moving toward your target prompts the ball to go toward your target on every pitch.

Creating Head Control

Your Starting Position balances your weight to right in front of your Back Foot.

As you move into your release, your Shoulders being in line with your target keeps your Head in place.

There’s no conflict and your Throwing Hand naturally sends the ball right to your target with uncanny regularity.

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