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The best Pitchers have their weight create an environment where they deliver the ball automatically to their target.

Bad Balance

You place your weight over or in front of your Back Foot and your delivery is out of balance.

To hit your target, the only use of your Glove Arm is to keep you closed.

Essentially, your Foot Strike clears your Glove Arm, and your Throwing Arm makes a throwing action.

Your Throwing Hand works alone, and your command gets spotty.

Great Balance

However, placing your weight on the Second Base side of your Back Foot keeps your Body in balance.

To hit your target, your Glove Arm is free to come across your Body and your Lower Body gets involved with your motion.

Almost simultaneously, your Foot Strike pulls your Lower Body forward and your Throwing Hand into release.

You hit your target with uncanny regularity.

Creating Good Balance

Your Feet are placed one baseball width apart and you flared your Knees outward.

At this point, if you don’t straighten your Back Leg, your Back Knee begins over the Little Toes of your Back Foot.

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