Proper Balance Prompts Uncanny Accuracy

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The glove arm plays a crucial role in maintaining balance during the pitching motion.

In Balance Mechanics

When you’re balanced, you throw the ball with uncanny regularity and fluid velocity.

Your center of gravity is directly over the back foot instep and your base is stable.

With proper balance, you set the direction for your throw by your glove arm moving across your body.

As the stride finishes, the glove arm’s palm naturally turns upward and guides the throwing hand into a smooth release precise release.

Out of Balance Mechanics

Conversely, your throwing arm commands inaccurate throws, and forced velocity.

An overactive front knee finishes behind the front hip and throws off your center of gravity.

Due to the misplaced front knee, your weight gets transferred entirely to the back foot.

Since you’re trying to regain balance, the glove arm can’t contribute to the throwing motion effectively.

Despite a natural landing and shoulder clearing, due to the imbalance, you force your release which leads to missing the target “over the plate.”

Getting Lower Body Engaged

When you’re balanced, your glove arm maintains balance and guides accurate pitches.

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