Accurate And Consistent Pitching through Proper Balance

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Inaccurate Throws

When your front knee goes behind your front hip, you’re out of balance and you disrupt your motion’s sequence.

Your throwing arm moves behind your body to regain your balance.

You end up “managing” the pitch location at the release point which leads to inconsistent and inaccurate throws.

Accurate Throws

When your front knee is in front of your front hip, you free up the rest of your body for the throw.

You land your stride, engage your lower body to power the throw, and create a more coordinated sequence.

Because your lower body controls the movement, your throwing arm stays in front of your body, and you deliver the ball with uncanny regularity.

Improved Command

Significantly missing the target indicates your throwing arm went behind your body.

Rather than trying to adjust at the release point rely solely on your lower body leading your arm.

You’re more likely to consistently hit your target.

Getting Lower Body Engaged

Proper balance achieved through a correctly engaged front leg allows your lower body to power the throw and leads to more accurate and consistent pitching.

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