Consistently Hit Your Bullseye

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Just like a balanced archer consistently hits the target, proper throwing mechanics allow you to deliver the ball with accuracy and control.

Stance & Nocking the Arrow

During your front leg lift, keeping your front knee in front of your front hip is like nocking the arrow onto the bowstring.  Your stable stance allows for proper “glove work”.

Drawing & Releasing

Your glove work “fires” your lower body, which then drives your throwing arm.

This sequence is similar to drawing the bowstring (using your back muscles) and then releasing it to launch the arrow.

Precise Aim

Like a skilled archer consistently hitting the target, when your front knee finishes ahead of your front hip, your glove work fires your lower body, and drives the ball into the target with “uncanny regularity.”

Control & Focus

Your front knee staying in front of your front hip allows you to direct your glove work to fire your hips and initiates the power transfer.

Your entire throwing motion becomes automatic, just like a skilled archer can release the arrow almost instinctively and still hit the target.

Unbalanced & Inefficient

Any variation is like an unbalanced stance in archery. You throw off your aim and makes it difficult to nock the arrow properly.

Get Help

The Pro Pitching Institute uses the same skills to offer a course to allow you to throw with power, accuracy, and deception.

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