Your Glove Hand Prompts Command


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Do you realize your glove arm controls your pitch location?

Front Side Takes Over

Let’s say you have a perfect set up and you let your front side takes over.

When you let this happen, your front foot hits the ground and your body naturally position your weight distributed between your legs.

From this position, you’re free to fire the ball, but your problem is that you never know where the ball is going to end up.

Arms Control Your Command

Your arms controlling your legs is the better situation.

When you let your arms control your legs, your legs follow your arms.

Your Solution

Your ball naturally goes where you want, and you keep the hitter guessing about ball speed and movement.

Your ball goes into your target, and you end up controlling the hitter.

Having trouble with your upper body controlling your legs, I’m waiting for a call.

Coach Skip Fast
Pro Pitching Institute
“Pitch location by choice, not chance!”

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