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Getting your lower body to drive your results starts with and ends with your back knee position at the top of your front leg lift.

Back Knee Over Your Back Foot

End your front leg lift with your back knee over your back foot, your weight teeters over your back foot and, to move down the mound, you’re forced to stride.

The instant you stride your mind uses your throwing arm to offset the weight shift your stride creates.

Using your throwing arm for balance prohibits any lower body engagement and creates the chaos that makes locating your pitches a daily challenge.

Back Knee Behind Your Back Foot

End your starting position with your back knee behind your back foot, your motion begins with your weight balanced between your knees and your throwing arm free to react to your lower body.

Your transition from your load to your stride opens your lower body and, to regain your balance, forces you to complete your pitching motion.

When you trust your body to work the way it’s intended, you automate your pitching motion and expect your pitch location to challenge every hitter you face.

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Beginning your motion with your back knee behind your back foot isn’t as straightforward as it seems.

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