Pitch Location is Basic Math.


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Do the Math

Like a math equation, the sum of your mechanics equals your pitch location.

Anytime you attempt to change a mechanic without considering its impact on the entire equation, your formula for pitching success is out of balance, and your pitch location suffers.

Sequencing Matters

Besides keeping your equation in balance, to maintain your pitch location, you must also consider the sequence of your actions.

One misplaced movement and your equation falls apart, or, in pitching terms, you miss your intended target more often than is healthy for your pitching career.

Take Your Pitching Career to Heights Unknown.

Coach Skip is the leading authority in developing very personal and extremely dependable pitch location algorithms.

Once you ask him to balance your equation, you can expect your movements to fall into a productive sequence, and your pitches travel into your intended target with uncanny regularity.

Want the sustainable pitch location needed to achieve your pitching dreams? Coach Skip is waiting for your call.

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