Command: Trust Your Front Leg Lift


When you micro-manage your Front Leg Lift, you send more pitches into your intended target more often than ever.

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Fact: Your Body’s constant self-corrections keep you from falling over.

Planned Self-Corrections Promote Command.

When you begin your delivery with a well-planned Front Leg lift and you move your Glove Hand away from your Body, your Back Leg flexes, and, once you tuck your Glove Arm, you trigger a cascading series of command-producing self-corrections.

Your Lower Body rotates, your rotation causes you to stride, and, at foot plant, your Body’s self-corrections use your Lower Body to whip your Throwing Arm into release and send your pitches into your target with uncanny regularity.

Unplanned Self-Corrections Hurt Command.

Without an effectively choreographed Front Leg lift, when you move your Glove Hand away from your Body, you’re less likely to experience any Back Leg flex.

Without a Back Leg reaction, your Throwing Arm is going to catapult the ball through several random arm slots.

Bottomline, your random arm slots mean you never really know where any single pitch will end up.

Command Is a Flexible Front Leg Lift.

If you want to turn your command into an expectation, make sure, out of your Front Leg Lift, your Back Leg flexes as your Glove Hand moves away from your Body.

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