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To find your target with uncanny regularity, a natural pitching process built to keep your Head in the right position throughout your motion produces spectacular results.

Your Foot position gets your Head too far in front of or one baseball with from Back Heel.

Head In Front of Back Foot

When your Front Foot starts more than one baseball width from your Back Heel, your Head starts too far away from your Back Heel.

Your natural reaction becomes getting your Front Knee behind your Front Hip.

Your Head moves, you Stride, and then delivering your pitch.

Your ball takes an unpredictable path and produces inconsistent command.

Head Over Back Foot

When your Feet begin one baseball width from one another, your Head stays still.

Your natural response is lifting your Front Leg, so your Front Knee stays in front of your Front Hip.

With your Head in place, your Glove Arm starts your motion and fires your Lower Body.

Your Lower Body brings your Throwing Hand through a precise release point.

The ball then hits your target with uncanny regularity.

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