FREE Instruction When We Can’t Get Your Stride to Be Right!

FREE Instruction When We Can’t Get Your Stride to Be Right!

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Learn a natural pitching process built to deliver a much larger portion of your pitches directly to your intended target.

Weight Over Your Back Foot

With your Feet greater than one baseball width apart, your Front Knee goes behind your Front Hip, and your weight goes over your Back Foot.

To get out of this position, your Throwing Hand offsets your Stride.

You land your Stride, then your Throwing Hand delivers the ball to your target.

Like throwing Darts, the ball goes where your Throwing Arm sends the pitch.

Better Yet Place Your Weight Just in Front of Your Back Foot

With your Feet placed one baseball width apart and your Thigh rotating outward, your Front Knee stays in ahead of your Front Hip.

Your Front Knee/Front Hip position keeps your weight just in front of your Back Knee.

From this position, your Glove Hand causes you to get your Lower Body into the pitch and make your “Stride and Throwing” the same action.

Your Lower Body pulls your Throwing Arm into release and sends the ball into your target with uncanny regularity.

Quality Instruction or You Don’t Pay!

The Pro Pitching Institute teaches you the best “Pitching Process” on every motion that gets your pitch to your target with uncanny regularity, or your instruction is free … No questions… No hassles… and no hard feelings.

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