Hips, Glove Work, and Command

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Uneven Hips arise from your Front and Back Heels starting too far apart.

When your Front Heel is more than one baseball width from your Back Heel, your Hips end up uneven.

With your Heels too far apart, when you lift your Front Leg, your Front Leg naturally goes behind your Front Hip and tilts your Hips.

Uneven Hips

You can only throw the ball when your Hips are level.

Your Hips being uneven prompts your Body to make a natural balance adjustment.

Your natural balance adjustment makes your Hips level.

With your Hips level, your Body goes into a throwing motion, and you deliver the ball within your target area.

Even Hips

When your Front and Back Heels are one baseball width from each other, your Front Leg naturally goes up to your Hips and your Hips end up level.

With your Hips level, there is no balance adjustment and there’s a good chance your Throwing Arm works at the same time as your Stride.

Your throwing action takes the ball to your target with uncanny regularity.

Better Positioning

Your level Hips promote your Throwing Action and give you exceptional command.

The Pro Pitching Institute teaches your Heels to be one baseball width apart and Hips to be level, or your instruction is free … No questions… No hassles… and no hard feelings.

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