One Motion, Glove Work, and Command


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Your Stride Doesn’t Precede Your Glove Hand

When your Stride precedes your Throwing Action, your Throwing Hand works alone and places the ball within your target area.

The fact your Throwing Hand acts by itself means your ball ends up in an area that’s far wider than your target.

You set your Stride, and your Glove Hand merely reacts to your Throwing Arm action and does little to command the baseball.

You can only hope the ball goes into your target, but your hopes are slim.

Your Glove Hand Precedes Your Stride

However, when your Throwing Action reacts to your Stride, your Glove Hand prompts your Throwing Action.

At the time your Glove Hand naturally turns over, your Throwing Hand reacts to your Glove Side, and delivers the ball to your target with uncanny regularity.

Every other pitch finds your ball going directly to your target.

The Importance of the Glove Hand

Without your Glove Hand movement, your ball is within your target area.

Your Glove Hand positions your Throwing Hand and brings your release through your natural release point.

Always remember, your Glove Hand involvement produces your command.

Better Glove Hand Action

Your Glove Hand promotes your Throwing Action and gives you exceptional command.

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