Missing Command?

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Unless you consistently get into the same front leg lift position, your command automatically suffers.

– Do you have a way to manage your foot placements?
– Before your front foot comes off the ground,

do you have a way to place your legs in the same position?
– Can you consistently move your front leg into your front leg lift, in the same way, all the time?
– Most importantly, do you have a consistent way to measure each of these facets?

If the answer to these questions is “no”, then you lack the command needed to experience next-level success.

Produce Command

Your Coach teaches you how to be consistent.

– He’ll teach you to understand how to get into your front leg lift, in the same way, all the time,

– He’ll teach you how to expect your pitches to end up where you want, and

– He’ll tell you how to always challenge the best hitters to reach base.

Need help showing command consistency? Coach Skip is waiting for your call.

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