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Your Brain is designed to work in a “when-then” format.

When < in your everyday life, you make a movement >, then < your Brain is programmed to respond to the same movement in the same way >.

Basic Programming Statements.

When < you move> and <your movement keeps your weight centered around your Torso >, then <you will control your next movement >.

When < your movement creates a weight shift >, then < like walking a balance beam, your Brain’s programming will use your Arms to get your body back in balance >.

How do you produce the results you want?

When < you end your Front Leg lift with a distance between your Knees >, then <you will fool your Brain’s programming into acting as if you had both Feet on the ground >.

When <you fool your Brain >, then < the control you have over your Body can end your stride with your Body unraveling from the ground up > and < you will whip your Throwing Arm into release > and < you will produce the results you want with uncanny regularity >.

Next Steps

Think about your movements in terms of your Mind’s programming and you’ll immediately produce better results more often.

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