Is Your Starting Position Your Downfall?


Unless you learn to start right, your pitching dreams will forever be in sight but always out of reach.

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Create an imbalance, and, like your Mind uses your Arms to keep you from falling off a balance beam, your gut reaction is to use your Arms to get your Body back to balance.

This basic fact leads to one of the biggest misconceptions in pitching.

The Big Pitching Misconception

When you end your Front Leg lift with your weight centered over your Back Foot, you believe your Body is in balance.

In the simple sense, you’re right, but, when you take a closer look, to move into your delivery, you must shift your weight toward your target.

Your weight shift demands your Mind will use your Throwing Arm path to offset your forward weight shift and watch your command issues destroy your pitching dreams.

The Facts

You get better results more often when you use your legwork to end your Front Leg lift with your weight evenly distributed around (not over) your Back Leg.

From this Starting Position, a rotational movement down the mound frees your Throwing Arm to produce the results needed to realize your wildest pitching dreams.

Next Steps

To generate the results you always dreamed possible, place your focus on improving your weight distribution into your Front Leg lift.

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