A Rubber Band and Pitching

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Rubber Bands

The concept of using your lower body to generate power in your throw is similar to the rubber band and propeller in the toy airplane.

Just like the rubber band stores potential energy that’s released to spin the propeller, your legs, and core can be “wound up” during the pitching motion to create potential energy through hip rotation and core engagement.

In Pitching

The energy release is a smooth transfer of power that travels from the legs through the core and into the throwing arm.

Your hips forcefully rotate creating a significant amount of torque before your upper body starts its movement.

The torque generated by your hips travels up through your core and into your throwing arm and contributes to producing velocity and accuracy of your throw.

The Rubber Band Analogy

The rubber band analogy highlights the importance of using your lower body to generate power in your throw.

While the analogy simplifies the mechanics, the concept of storing and transferring energy is relevant.

Working Your Motion

Visualize “winding up” your lower body during the leg lift and then releasing that energy through your hips and core as you throw.

Practice drills that emphasize leg drive, core rotation, and a smooth transfer of power from your lower body to your upper body.

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