Your Shoulders and Hips Produce Torque and Location

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When the weight is over your back leg, the hips and shoulders move together. Your hips and shoulders move as a rigid connection.

Standing on one leg, isolating hip movement, and throwing the ball don’t translate directly to your pitching motion. During the throwing motion, the weight transfer from the back leg to the front leg allows for a powerful rotation with one foot planted.

Good Mechanics

In a good pitching motion, your weight is centered just in front of your back foot making a sequential transfer of energy:

Your legs and core initiate the movement of creating power, then your hips rotate to transfer the power upwards, and, finally, the arm whips through to release the ball with “uncanny” accuracy.

During the leg swing and weight transfer, torque is generated. The back leg pushes off the ground, transfers power to the front leg, and allows for a powerful hip rotation before the upper body starts its movement.

Proper lower body mechanics are crucial, and pitching involves a complex interplay of all body parts.


Understanding the connection between hips and shoulders is helpful for pitching mechanics.

Finding a coach who emphasizes proper weight transfer, lower body engagement, and a smooth, coordinated throwing motion is your goal.

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