Stride AND Throw, Glove Work, and Command

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The Front Foot Starting Position

The Front Foot Starting Position places your weight on or in front of your Back Foot.

Ideally, for you to regularly find your target, you want your Front Foot to begin even with your Back Foot.

Any other position means you don’t know where the ball will end up.

The Front Foot Behind Your Hips

Your Front Foot beginning behind your Front Hip puts your weight on your Back Foot.

Your weight on your Back Foot forces your Stride to take the weight off your Back Foot.

You land your stride, THEN you fire the ball.

The chance your ball hits your target is greatly decreased.

The Front Foot Even With Your Hips

With your Front Foot in front of your Front Hip, you balance your weight slightly in front of your Back Foot.

Not only is your weight in balance, but your Glove Hand swings into action.

Your Glove Hand fires your Lower Body, your Lower Body activates your Hips, AND you throw the ball.

Your ball goes into your target with uncanny regularity.

Better Stride AND Throw Action

Your Stride AND Throw regularly places the ball in your target with uncanny regularity.

The Pro Pitching Institute teaches you a Stride AND Throw routine to promote your command, or your instruction is free … No questions… No hassles… and no hard feelings.

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