Your Throwing Hand and Command

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Your Throwing Arm Compensation

Your Stride becomes involved with your motion when your Front Leg fails to compensate for your balance.

Your Throwing Hand goes behind your Body to counterbalance your Stride.

After your Stride ends, your Throwing Arm sends the ball to your target area, and you end up managing your pitch location through your next release point.

Your location is suspect and highly out of synch.

Your Throwing Arm Freedom

When your Front Leg is involved with your balance, you land your Stride Leg, fire your Lower Body, then deliver your pitch.

Your Lower Body controlling your Throwing Arm makes your motion into a single action.

Your Throwing Hand stays in front of your Body and, as such, shoots the ball to your target with uncanny regularity.

You miss your target, and you merely work the process all over again.

Improved Command

Your command finds the ball in or very close to your target.

Missing your target by a lot indicates your Throwing Hand went behind your Body.

On the next pitch, you rely on your motion, and throw the ball right into your target.

Better Throwing Action

Your Throwing Action regularly places the ball in your target with uncanny regularity.

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