Throwing Hand Control and Command

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Your Starting Position impacts your Throwing Hand.

The correct Throwing Hand movement promotes balance and command.

However, when your Throwing Hand merely reacts to your Starting Position, your Glove Arm ends up under your Armpit, and your command greatly suffers.

Poor Throwing Hand Movement

When your Front Leg goes behind your Front Hip, your weight is over your Back Foot, and your Front Leg is forced to take you out of your Starting Position.

Your Front Leg taking you out of your Starting Position causes your Hands to keep your Body in balance.

Your Hands keeping your Body in balance has your Throwing Hand acting on its own.

Each different pitch you throw may have a slightly different release point and arm speed.

Good Throwing Hand Control

However, when your Front Leg stays in front of your Front Hip, your weight is centered right in front of your Back Foot, and things change dramatically.

Your Glove Hand takes your motion out of balance and fires the ball to your target with uncanny regularity.

No matter the grip, your Glove Arm firing your Throwing Hand keeps the batter guessing about the pitch by showing the Hitter a constant fastball speed!

Accomplishing This?

Want your Body to produce a good Glove Arm movement?

The Pro Pitching Institute system accomplishes this by using your Glove Arm to bring the ball to your target with precision.

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