Unlock Your Pitching Results


A very simple way to unlock your pitching potential is to begin each motion by telling your body how you want it to move.

Pro Pitching Institute is one of the top 100 baseball blogs on the Internet.You open a lock by putting a predetermined sequence of numbers into a tumbler.

Likewise, you unlock more productive results when you send your body the right sequence of movements/positions.

Tell Yourself How to Succeed

Regularly send your body a proven sequence of foot placements, lower body orientations, hand positions, front leg lifts, and throwing triggers and you unlock your pitching potential.

The biggest problem you have is that, even if you had the right combination, you begin your delivery without telling your body how you want it to move.

Instead, you set your feet, think about what you want to accomplish, begin your delivery, and only hope to produce the results you want.

You Say It, You Think It

A best practice is, whether in competition or in the bullpen, to always say out loud the pitching combination you want your body to use.

Very quickly, the improved results associated with telling your body how you want it to move become a habit.

Need Your Pitching Combination?

If you’re searching for the right pitching combination, start your search with your feet, move to your legs, and finish with your upper body.

Need help finding a productive pitching combination, Coach Skip is waiting for your call.

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