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When perched on one foot, your stride leg works in unison with your throwing arm. 

You move your stride leg, and your throwing arm reacts. You move your throwing arm, and your stride leg reacts.

Your stride leg/throwing arm connection gives you two ways to move down the mound.

Your Stride Prompts Your Throwing Action  

End your front leg lift with your weight over your posting foot, and, to move down the mound, you must stride.

Your stride controls your throwing arm path and, until you find an efficient stride tempo, you can only hope to produce the results you want.

Your Throwing Action Prompts Your Stride

When you end your front leg lift with your front knee in line with your front shoulder, you can use your throwing action to move down the mound.

Your stride turns into a reaction, you end your stride with your hips/shoulders at opposing angles, and you produce the results you want much more often than a Pitcher who strides out of their front leg lift.

You Have a Clear Choice

You either let your stride drive your delivery and not know where your pitches will end up or use your throwing action to let your stride produce better results more often.

Want to turn your stride into a reaction? Coach Skip is waiting for your call.

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