You can’t change your mechanics!

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Based upon your natural reactions, it’s physically impossible and a waste of your time to try to change your mechanics as you move down the mound, and here’s why!

Your Natural Reactions

Your body is built to keep you from hurting yourself.

Picture riding a bike, and, without warning, your front wheel runs over a small pebble.

To not crash, your body instinctively controls your front wheel handlebars.

When placed in this situation, you don’t realize it, but your body processes information 50,000 times faster than you can think to move your handlebars!

You do, however, regain control of your handlebars after your body feels you’re no longer in danger.

Your body’s natural reactions and your pitching motion.

Think of your first movement out of your front leg lift as if your bike ran over a pebble.

As you move down the mound, the movements you see are the way your body needs to move to keep you safe.

While moving toward your target, you can, however, control your starting position, and, once you end your stride, you can control your arm slot, but it’s impossible to change your actions as you move down the mound!

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