Balance Promotes Lower Body Engagement

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Understanding your body’s physical make-up

Your body keeps itself in balance by having your front leg work in unison with your back arm and your front arm working simultaneously with your back leg. 

Every one of your body parts shifts every time you move.

Where does lower body involvement come from?

With this understanding, you can logically deduce what it takes to get your lower body to drive your throwing arm.

To get your lower body involved in your motion, your glove arm must move your back hip, your back hip forces you to end your stride, and, at foot strike, your throwing arm automatically sends your pitches directly into your intended target.

An active stride causes you to lose your lower body.

Your stride creates an imbalance. With your front leg and throwing arm working together, you lock your throwing arm in place.

With your throwing arm physically attached to your glove side, it is now physically impossible for your glove arm to fire your lower body.

Lower body engagement is all about balance

Only when you turn your stride from an action into a balance-related reaction do you free your glove side to activate your lower body.

Don’t know how to make your stride a reaction? Coach Skip is waiting for your call.

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