Your Shoulders and Your Location

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In your Starting Position, your Feet being too far apart prompts your Shoulders to tilt, your motion to be out of balance, and your location to suffer.

Your automatic balance mechanism has your Shoulders mirror your Hips, your Hips tilt your Shoulders, and, to deliver the ball, your body needs to get back in balance.

Your adjustment of your body makes your Shoulders level but puts the ball into a larger-than-expected target area.

The ball goes somewhere between your release point and the spot where you want the ball to go.

You run the risk of rarely getting the ball to your target.

Level Shoulders

Your Back Knee is over your Little Toes, and you lift your Front Foot to get into your Front Leg lift.

Your Feet being close together keeps your Hips and Shoulders very level.

Your Hands separate, your Shoulders and Hips stay very level, and your Throwing Hand settles in the same location on every pitch.

Your Glove Arm forces your Lower Body to fire and your Throwing Hand comes through the same spot on every pitch.

Your ball goes into your target with great consistency, and you locate pitches with uncanny regularity.

Getting Quality Instruction!

The Pro Pitching Institute uses your Shoulders to bring the ball to your target with precise reliability … No questions… No hassles… and no hard feelings.

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