Your Glove Hand and Location

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Your starting position impacts your glove hand movement, and your glove hand impacts your pitch location.

No Glove Hand Movement

When you begin your delivery with your front hip behind your back hip, your glove hand reacts to your movements and takes on a path of its own.

From your initial movement to your throwing action, your glove hand balances your motion.

Your glove hand ends up under your armpit, and, without your lower body, your delivery ends with your throwing arm firing the ball into your target area.

Your glove hand counts on the hitter swinging at pitches not in the strike zone and more particular hitters end up walking.

The Right Glove Hand Movement

When you begin your delivery with your front foot even with your front hip, your glove hand becomes much more active.

Your good Starting Position focuses your weight just in front of your back foot, and your front leg lift maintains your weight distribution.

Your body’s good position triggers your glove hand to drive your lower body and your lower body pulls your throwing hand into release.

Your glove hand initiates your lower body to take the ball to your target with uncanny regularity!

Getting Quality Instruction!

The Pro Pitching Institute system uses your glove hand to bring the ball to your target with precise reliability.

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