FREE Instruction When We Can’t Add Command to Your Velocity!

Your FREE Instruction When We Can’t Add Command to Your Velocity!

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What is velocity?

Velocity is the speed at which your ball gets to your target without giving the batter little time to think about the pitch.

Most Pitchers don’t realize that most of the time, the hitter swings at pitches outside the strike zone.

Where does Velocity come from?

Any weight shift from any part of your Body prompts your velocity to come from your Throwing Arm working alone.

When your Lower Body isn’t involved, you Stride and throw the pitch.

What is command?

Command is your ability to deliver the ball with velocity right into your target.

Command and velocity improve your results.

You send the ball right to your target, keep the Hitter off balance, and get the outs in the spots you want.

What’s the origin of command?

The extra velocity comes from your Lower Body encouraging your Stride and your Throwing Arm to deliver the ball to your Catcher’s target.

Once your Glove Arm prompts your Lower Body to fire your Throwing Hand, your Hips prompts your Throwing Arm.

Now, the Hitter has a deal with all your pitches.

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